Green Sleep Dolcezza

Has anyone had a challenge with this manufacturer and bed? The bed is becoming uncomfortable and, quite literally, falling over the edges of our bed frame. Given the cost for such a mattress- $3500+ it is quite upsetting. The manufacturer declined my request for help, suggesting I contact the retailer for help. Frankly, a poor way to run a business and more I cannot recommend anyone purchase a green sleep.

sad to say!


Hi dougiefresh,

I’m not quite clear about what you mean by “falling over the edges of your bedframe”. Would you mind posting a picture? Is it possible that it’s somehow connected to the foundation or bedframe that it’s on? Was it like this from the start or has this developed since you purchased it?

It’s not unusual in the industry for wholesale manufacturers to suggest that you contact the retailer where you purchased your mattress who will normally be in the best position to assess what may be happening and act as an intermediary to help you resolve any issues you may have. Of course if the retailer is out of business then they would be the ones that you would need to deal with.

It’s not an issue I have heard about before with a Greensleep mattress and I’m certainly curious about what may be happening.