Green Sleep

Has anyone had any experience with purchasing/owning a Green Sleep mattress? Also, if you have one, what are your thoughts? There are two new models that I’m particularly interested in - the Niu (new model of their innerspring model - slat/dowel base with innerspring layer then a topper of two layers of 1.5 inches of latex). Also - an all latex mattress but many layers - Dolcezza that has a dowel base. Many thanks.

Hi Liz,

You can read a few generic comments about Greensleep in post #8 here and post #6 here and some comments from one of the members here that purchased the Dolcezza in post #5 here and some comments about the Dolcezza here as well.

A forum search on Greensleep (you can just click this) will also bring up more posts that may be helpful although you will need to scan past the ones that only mention them in passing.


Thanks Phoenix for directing me to helpful information concerning Green Sleep. Liz