Greetings and Assistance/Advice needed


First and most importantly, your site is very informative and helpful. I’ve read many of the articles in this site and have a better understanding of the materials. I admit it is a very daunting experience; as I get older and increasingly busier, I realized that a better mattress is extremely important for me (and my spouse).

I’m 5’11, 190 to 185, side/back sleeper, medium/fit build. I am proned to lower back aches. I’m in the market for a mattress preferably with a long life and great quality. I have looked at two retailers i.e., Sleepy’s and other local furniture shops.

I liked the idea of the My side - Series 6, although comfortable, I found (from this site) that it isn’t the best with respect to materials used. I also liked the Simmons Beautyrest NXG, but have not heard much about it and could only glance at the materials used. I’ll probably check it out again.

Long story short, I’m in the central CT area (Hartford, CT) and am looking for any shops, suggestions, and mattress choices.

Your help is appreciated thanks for the support! (no pun intended)

Hi jmatic,

I would certainly avoid the myside mattress because it is such poor value. There are many local manufacturers who will also do a side to side “split” construction using higher quality and known materials at a much lower cost.

The Simmons Beautyrest NXG line has some nice mattresses and I particularly like the feel of some latex and memory foam hybrid layering but here again the value is not good when compared with mattresses that use similar or even higher quality materials at much lower prices.

There are quite a few good factory direct manufacturers near you within a reasonable driving distance and I would put my efforts there rather than any chain stores or outlets that sell major brands in your area.

Post #2 here include the Connecticut options.

Post #4 here also has some options in southern Massachusetts which are close to you.

With lower back issues … good alignment becomes especially important which means avoiding comfort layers that are too thick and/or soft. This is especially true with memory foam which is a less supportive foam and if you go in this direction it would be wise to use high quality and thinner layers either by themselves or in combination with other materials such as latex.

You have some really good choices close to you :slight_smile: