Groupon for Nature's Sleep Mattress

I just looked at a Groupon for a Nature’s Sleep Visco Foam Mattress. It looks a little too good to be true. The website is below. Your comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

hi tdinsc,

Before you can know the value of any mattress … you need to know the details of each layer.

The 8" mattress uses 2" of “moderate density” memory foam over 6" of "moderate density base foam and I would want to know the “number” (lbs per sq ft) for moderate density in both layers.

The same would hold true for the 12" mattress (which could be any of the 12" mattresses that they make with different layering) and I would want to know the density of the layers in it as well.

Once you know this you are in a position to make a more meaningful assessment both for quality/value (which is probably good) and for suitability.

The good news is that they are CertiPur certified so at least you know the foam is “safe” and has been tested for harmful ingredients in the same way as much of the foam made in the US (these are poured in China).

Besides knowing the quality and value … the main reason that I would want to know the details of the layering is to better be able to guess at how suitable they may be for your needs and preferences. A mattress that costs $100 that doesn’t work for you or is layered in a way that doesn’t “fit” your body type or sleeping positions is a wasted $100. On the other hand … spending $2000 on a mattress that “fits” what you need and prefer and will last you for a decade or more can be very good value. Without talking with someone who has the experience and knowledge to give you good guidance and “match” you to a specific mattress … guessing based on knowing the layering is about the most accurate you can be.The goal in a mattress is not the best “deal” regardless of how it may work for you but the best performing mattress that gives you the best possible PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) inside your budget and for as long as possible.

So I would call them to find out the details or see if you can match the mattresses to the same one on the Nature’s Sleep site both to get a sense of their relative value (and again this is probably good) and especially to get a sense of how well they may work for you.


I agree with Phoenix. A low quality visco memory foam mattress that will not provide good support and a good night’s sleep is not a good buy. VIsco comes is many different levels of quality (density). I know from experience that the very best visco only last about 8 or 9 years before it compresses and needs to be replaced. (Visco continually softens and compresses). Therefore a low density visco cannot be expected to hold up. In my opinion a low quality visco mattress is not as good as the old standby “coil mattress”. A good coil mattress like the 416 bonnell will give you more support and last longer than a low end visco. You should never buy a mattress without trying it. When trying a mattress you should look for support and alignment. If your lower back is sinking in and not supported, it is not a good fit. (The lighter weight you are, the less support you may need while a heavy person needs a very supportive mattress). There are no magic shortcuts when manufacturing a mattress with regard to cost. There is a price point for every type of mattress where poor quality and good quality meet. Keep doing your homework and you will be able to focus on the right mattress for you. I suggest that you visit some locally owned mattress stores in your area and see what they have to offer.