Groupon sale for Gel memory foam topper. Opinions needed.

I receieved a Groupon offer for the following:

4" Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper – Online Deal
ComforPedic Loft by Beautyrest 4" Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper (Up to 76% Off). Five Sizes Available. Free Shipping.
The Deal
Choose from the following sizes of a ComforPedic Loft by Beautyrest 4" Convoluted gel memory foam mattress topper:

•$99 for a twin size ($399 list price)
•$119 for a full size ($499 list price)
•$149 for a queen size ($599 list price)
•$169 for a king size ($699 list price)
•$169 for a california king size ($699 list price)

Any opinions on this? I was thinking of using them on my kids innerspring Beautyrest mattress. My girls are 9 & 11.
Also, I am considering purchasing a Pure Latex Bliss Beautiful. Would such a topper be a good marriage between the two?
$169 for this compared to $450 for a latex topper.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Bashman,

The list prices are “fake” and nobody would ever buy these at that price (or at least I hope they wouldn’t).

If I was buying these … I would want to know the details about the quality of the material. This means the density and the type of gel memory foam. Once you know this … you can compare them to other similar types of material. I would also make sure that a 4" gel memory foam topper was suitable for your needs and preferences because these (very thick and soft) could be quite risky on most mattresses.

Convoluted toppers also use much less material in them than a solid topper. For example with a 3" layer of solid foam … you could cut two convoluted toppers in the range of 2 - 2.5". They are less durable (there is less material to absorb pressure) and the cost should also reflect the lower material cost.

So having said all this … if you know the specifics of the topper material, it compares favorably to other toppers that use similar materials in the same thickness, and you are confident that it will suit the purpose you are buying it for (it would have little value if it wasn’t suitable for your needs and preferences or in this case for your kids) … then I would certainly consider it.

I personally would be very cautious though with a topper that was this thick and soft for a child, especially when it was going on a mattress that probably already has some soft layers on top but it would depend on what I was trying to accomplish and on the mattress I was using it on. There would certainly be a big risk of alignment issues and this is not a great idea with growing children.

I’m not quite sure what you mean here. Are you considering using this topper on the Beautiful (which I think would not be a good idea at all) or are you trying to replicate the feel of the Beautiful?

If it’s the second … then memory foam is very different from latex and would be very different. Memory foam is slow response material and latex is a fast response material. Even with a soft latex topper (and I would still be cautious using a 4" soft latex topper on an existing mattress) … the base mattress is very different from the base layers of the Beautiful so they would still be very different. The feel and performance of a mattress (or mattress topper combination) depends on all the layers in the mattress and with an existing mattress that already has some soft layers on top … adding a soft topper that is this thick and soft would practically eliminate the effect of the innerspring support system and your mattress comfort layers would become the support system for the combination … and they are probably much too soft for that. You would have a really soft mattress … with poor support (they would likely be too far away from the support system) … and children that are still growing need good support.

Overall … if I was adding a topper … memory foam or latex … it would probably be much thinner and my choice would depend on the layers and condition of the mattress it was going on.