Had high hopes, but it's not working out so far

We had a mattress that was too firm for our older bodies and the foam was getting tired. We are not heavy, she is 120 and I am 155 lbs. We are both back and side sleepers. I sleep hot and do not like the feel or heat retention of memory foam. Looking for something softer yet supportive, we poured through reviews and trialed several mattresses at local stores. One that was pretty good was the Mattress Firm’s Sleepy Willow, medium or plush. However, that was over our budget. After a lot of research we got a Luxurion mattress with the Soft/Med/Firm Dunlop latex combination. The first night neither one of us slept well at all. It felt like we were sleeping on lumpy potato salad. I don’t know why this is, but it feels awful. After 2 nights my wife refused to sleep on the mattress again. The next day I switched the top 2 layers so that the soft layer is in the middle and the medium is on top. This is better, not ideal, but I could sleep on it. My wife tried it briefly but is not really pleased and still sleeping on a Nest mattress in the guest bedroom.

What is our best option? Get a topper? Return the mattress and go for the Willow?


Return it because you dont like it.

That may have to happen, but we’d like to know our options, especially if there is a simpler solution. We are not young and repacking the 3 cartons (if possible) and getting them back downstairs is not trivial. I’ll call the company today to see if there is a good remedy.

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I would wait to speak with @Latex_Mattress_Fact1 before considering any hasty decisions. They may offer you a suitable solution. It may be you and latex mattresses are not compatible. You may need a wool layer inserted as part of the system.

Work with them to figure it out. In the end, it may very well be a return, but that needs to be thought out.



It makes sense to contact the vendor before making a return decision. @Latex_Mattress_Fact1

Have you inspected the base support? Is it adequate?

If you do decide to return it, I suggest taking a breather and investigate the composition of the Nest mattress. Is the Nest comfortable? Do you sleep well on it? If so, perhaps something of similar construction?

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Yes, the base support is very good. I contacted the company. We are trying to work out a solution. They affirmed that our choice was correct. One was to flip the soft layer over. Or there may be something wrong with the soft layer. TBD.

We’re not new to latex. We had a locally made latex mattress for 15 yrs previously. This problem is unexpected and a new experience for us. If we can avoid a return we will. We are seniors and wrestling with the layers is not trivial for us. Trying to repack, get back downstairs, and then ship is not appealing. We’ll see what LMF suggests first.

Heard from Roger at LMF. He was very supporting and understanding. We’re going to try a new soft layer for comparison. Will try it as a topper first before exchanging the mattress layers.

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I’m glad to hear it. It is never easy to get a business to help with issues when asking them to go above and beyond. I like to give businesses the opportunity to work with their customers to solve problems.

Hopefully they can get you where you need to be.

Kudos to Roger @Latex_Mattress_Fact1, love to hear the updates and see if it works. At least you gave it a shot!

LMF has been good to work with and Roger is a great rep. We want this to work out. The mattress itself is good quality and I’m able to sleep on the med/soft/firm layering. It’s better than the old Nest Flip mattress this replaced. We’re now trying to work out something better for my wife. Arthritis makes her bones more particular.

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There is always a solution. I am confident Roger will help you figure it out. Otherwise back to the drawing board.

All the best,


Just a brief statement about Viscoelastic Memory Foam verses Natural Latex.

Viscoelastic memory foam generally has a reputation for retaining more heat compared to natural latex. This is primarily because memory foam contours closely to the body, creating less airflow around you, which can lead to heat buildup. Additionally, traditional memory foam tends to be less breathable compared to natural latex.

The term Memory Foam covers a broad area of polyurethane foams that have had additives incorporated into the formula to create varying levels of density, heat sensitivity, and breathability. As such, the heat retention properties of memory foam can vary significantly depending on these formulations. Innovations such as open-cell or gel-infused memory foam have been developed to address heat retention concerns by improving breathability and enhancing temperature regulation.

While traditional memory foam may have a reputation for retaining more heat, these advancements have made certain memory foam options more competitive in terms of heat retention compared to others.

On the other hand, natural latex, with its inherent breathability and open-cell structure, tends to dissipate heat more effectively than most memory foam varieties. This characteristic can help regulate temperature during sleep and potentially reduce heat retention issues.

Overall, while natural latex generally retains less heat compared to viscoelastic memory foam, the specific heat retention properties can vary based on factors such as the specific formulation of the materials, room temperature, and individual preferences.


Thanks Matt, the saga continues.

To recap, after 2 nights of poor sleep I reversed the top to layers so that the medium was on top and soft in the middle. That was notably better for me, but not good enough for my wife. She likes the plush-top Sleepy’s Willow mattress better though that is just from a 10 min. store test while fully clothed. Faced with returning the mattress but not wanting to, I ordered the Costco Novaform 3” LURAcor™ Support Foam topper. When it arrived I put it on top of the LMF mattress and she found it too soft. She is correct, you sink into it. I then put it on the old mattress (a Next Flip) on the firm side and that was much better, though one still sinks into it. Ugh! This is getting complicated.

Finally, yesterday I opened up the LMF mattress, took out the soft layer from the middle and put the foam from the Novaform on top so that the mattress now is F, M, Novaform, then zipped it up. My theory being that the mattress cover would stiffen up things a bit. Indeed this is the case. The LMF cover really stiffens things up a lot. I no longer sink into the top foam layer. The difference is not subtle. This was an eye opener for me. The mattress cover top really affects the feel of the mattress.

I will try the mattress like this for a few days. My wife is still sleeping on the guest bed (Nest Sparrow?) while I get this sorted out. After one night I can say it’s not bad, but a bit hotter sleep than with just latex underneath. I did find myself side sleeping more than usual last night but it’s too early to say if this is just adjusting to the new setup, or due to some discomfort.
Stats - 5/7", 150#, over 70 yrs old, she is 5’2", 120#. Normally a back sleeper with some side sleeping, hot.