happiness is a new flobeds mattress

Hello all!

Wow, have I learned a lot since I first found this forum, many moons ago. I started out thinking I wanted a memory foam mattress to replace my sagging pillowtop. I was convinced of it but I couldn’t decide which one made sense or where to buy or even how to buy. Somehow I stumbled upon the Organicpedic Flora Nouveau, loved it even more than the memory foam mattresses I’d been testing, and the world of latex opened up to me. I went back to the drawing board and learned all about ILDs, talalay, dunlop, blended, natural, organic…It overwhelmed me and for awhile I just stopped.

About two months ago, I restarted my search. I looked at all the local options and even though I checked out a wide variety of options, once again I came back to the Organicpedic–this time the duo. I think I would have purchased this mattress except that the price was very high, I couldn’t test the combination I wanted, and the retailers and manufacturer’s return policy was too stringent for me. I started looking at all the alternative online options and I have to say many of them seem quite good. I decided on flobeds for a few reasons. First, they feature the convolute soft talalay topper and this was the thing that had really appealed to me on the Organicpedic duo. Second, their customer service is really wonderful. I’ve had two conversations with Dewey and he’s great, very helpful and very knowledgeable. Third, I liked their return policy and the ability to buy new cores for 5 years for a nominal fee.

H and I decided that we would purchase the select (9") mattress with medium/firm on his side and firm/extra firm on mine. We’re both about 140 pounds but he likes his mattress softer and I tend to like things firmer. I would have bought the thicker mattress but we sleep on a Japanese-style platform bed that is low profile and doesn’t really work well with a high mattress. Dewey felt that we’d be fine with the 9" mattress. He recommended the medium/firm configuration for our weights.

I placed the order on Monday, received the boxes today, and set up the entire king mattress by myself! It was very manageable, even with my mistakenly putting the wrong cores in the wrong places at first. I did watch the instructional video before attempting installation and I highly recommend doing this. Once I saw it, it made total sense to me how to “wave” the latex into place. There is absolutely no odor and the cover and latex feel like they are of high quality. We also purchased the St. Dormier mattress protector and it has a more “terry” feel to it than I anticipated. However, when I put the sheets over it and lay down, it didn’t seem to affect the feel of the mattress.

I have only spent a few minutes testing the new mattress so a more thorough review will have to come after we’ve had a chance to sleep on it. My first quick reaction is that it is heavenly! I’m surprised to find that I like both sides of the mattress. The medium/firm is softer but still nice and supportive. So far so good–whew!

Hi susanco,

Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences and feedback in such great detail … I appreciate it!

As you know I think highly of Flobeds (and Dewey and Dave) and you certainly put all your research and testing to good use and ended up making a great choice.

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to any updates you have the chance to share once you’ve slept on the mattress for a bit.


It’s funny i came accross this topic, my friend bought a quality mattress just like that from one of our Sponsors, its so great, he had it for 3 years now and uses it everyday.He is very happy to have it.