Happy "Mattress Day"-belated

Sorry I couldn’t resist. I popped onto Hardball with Chris Matthews last night and he made a crack about how people in the US selebrate the day buy “buying mattresses I guess” How true!

So with that said, I’m sure the number one seller is teh S brand junk. I wonder how long until these uninformed people end up here with problems?

Hi TD-Max,

There are days when I just shake my head … and the Presidents day mattress sales are one of them. It’s hard to believe what people will believe sometimes.

One small step at a time though. Things won’t change overnight but in all the conversations I have with retailers and manufacturers I can see clear signs that they are changing.

Hopefully people will end up here before they have the problems because until consumers know what to look for and start to drive some of the real changes that need to happen the retailers are sometimes caught in between a rock and a hard place. If they sell better quality/value mattresses that people aren’t familiar with they feel better about what they do and their customers are much better served as well of course but the customers that know what quality and value really is are sometimes so few and far between that these kind of retailers sometimes need to carry mattresses that people recognize or they may not eat.

I have a lot of respect for the ones that have managed it and have reached a place where they don’t have to compromise any more and who have built a reputation and word of mouth advertising over time that is strong enough that they don’t have to play any of the “brand name games” for the sake of keeping their business healthy.

It’s a very strange industry.