Has anyone bought a mattress at Dormio Mississauga?

I’m looking at their mattresses and I really like what I see. The only collection that lists prices is the Legacy. This looks like the lowest priced original line. Being over 200 lbs, I’d buy the thickest one of those for people with regular to heavy builds.

The Dormio Delight

6" Medium or firm natural latex and 2" of medium natural latex encased in organic cotton cover, with a 3.5’ soft latex topper provides excellent pressure point relieving support.
The core is extremely durable, flexible and resilient to mold and dust mites.
3.5" latex topper, consisting of 2" extra soft latex, with 1.5" of organic wool, 100% organic cotton four way stretch cover.
Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic.
No movement is transferred from one sleeper to the next.
Removable washable organic cotton cover.
Available in: Medium or firm.

Double $2,348

I’d take the firm option. With being a side sleeper and 220 lb, and my husband 205 lb and a back to side sleeper, how would this work out?

I’ve tried emailing them and posting on the facebook last week, no answer. I’m not sure if this bodes well for their customer service. :unsure:

Hi yoigamommy5,

Dormio certainly has some very high quality mattresses and in my conversations with John the owner it’s clear that they are knowledgeable and transparent about the materials they use and mattresses in general. They are certainly well worth including in your research for those who are more focused on “organic” mattresses in a more premium budget range. (EDIT: They are also now members of this site).

A thicker mattress or thicker layers can certainly be helpful in some cases and you can read a little more about some of the potential benefits of thicker layers or mattresses in post #14 here.

Post #2 here includes some links to more information to some generic guidelines and concepts that can help provide some insights into the pros and cons of different types of designs but they are generic guidelines only and may not apply to any specific person. There are too many unknowns, variables, and personal preferences to choose a mattress based on any theory and I would use the guidelines as a potential starting point and to give you some insights about what to look for in your testing.

The design of the mattress and the thickness and firmness of each layer will also play a major role and I would make a choice of which mattress was most suitable for you based on your own personal testing rather than assuming that you need more than about 8" - 9" of latex (and sometimes less) because regardless of the thickness latex is a high quality and durable material and if a thinner mattress works better for you in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) than that would be the “best” choice in the circumstances. In the cae of the delight it has 9.5" of latex which would certainly be “in the range”. While there may be some potential benefit for a thicker mattress for those that are heavier … it’s also not always the case and your own personal testing along with knowing the specifics of the material inside the mattress is always the best way to tell which mattress is “best” for you. Neither of you are in a weight range where you would “need” a thicker mattress although you may prefer it based on your testing.

They are also reasonable and fair value and would certainly make a better choice than most mainstream mattresses although I would always make comparisons with other mattresses that may be available to you in the area based on your own personal value equation. I also like the idea of a separate topper which can be changed in the future if it softens sooner than the other layers or if your needs or preferences change down the road without replacing the entire mattress. A forum search on Dormio (you can just click this) will bring up more about them as well.

In the conversations I’ve had with them they appeared to be knowledgeable and helpful. I also received an email from John the owner a few days ago who wanted to talk with me about their mattresses and was aware of and liked this site. Apparently he will be away for about a week so this may affect the speed of their communications. I would normally suggest communicating with any local retailer or manufacturer on the phone unless you have a single “black and white” question that can be answered in a single sentence because email is not usually an effective form of communication for the more detailed, nuanced, time effective, and interactive information and communication that is important when it comes to finding out more about them or their mattresses. A single phone call can cover more ground than weeks of more linear email exchanges. Anything that includes “it depends” in the answer (which is almost everything when it comes to mattresses) is always best asked on a phone call.