Has anyone here slept on a Saatva Classic Innerspring?

Has anyone here slept on a Saatva Classic Innerspring? Are they good at sleeping temperature neutral?

Hi JBR2022.

You’re welcome to do a keyword search of the forum to see what others have said about the Saatva Classic. As you know, many things factor into the sleeping temperature of a mattress. Innerspring mattresses do tend to sleep cooler than hybrids as the coils allow for/promote airflow, making the bed cooler.

Hoping those with firsthand experience also chime in.


Yes. I have been trying to break in a plush/soft classic for about 2 months. For a plush/soft mattress it hasn’t softened up much. I have stacked two talalay toppers on top of the mattress (totaling 4 1/2") to help the process along. I bought the plush/soft thinking it would help my shoulders but am still uncomfortable. I am returning it.

My wife and I recently bought a Saatva classic innerspring, plush version, 11.5" height. In general we are very pleased; we are a mix of side and back sleepers and the mattress has enough resilience so that shoulders and hips don’t hurt. Excellent edge support. The only downside is there is a bit more motion transfer than I’d like. This is probably due to the fact that the bottom set of coils are bonnell rather than individually wrapped (the upper coils are individually wrapped.)

We also tried the classic in medium firm, both the 11.5" and the 14" thick. thet 14" thick was significantly more comfortable than the 11.5". In fact, I’d say the 14" in medium is pretty close to the 11.5" in plush, even though supposedly the only difference is the thickness of the spring assembly, not the wire gauge.

if you are considering an adjustable base, keep in mind the 11.5" thick are approved for adjustable bases, but the 14" are not.

Thanks for sharing this, David1 (and welcome to our Mattress Forum!).


I haven’t slept on the Saatva Classic but I do have their Loom & Leaf relaxed firm and Memory Foam Hybrid. Both are awesome! I don’t get hot sleeping on either of them. This link will get you $100 off: Smarter Luxury Sleep