Has anyone here slept on a Saatva mattress?

Has anyone here slept on a Saatva luxury firm mattress? Does it give off any heat?

Temperature sensitivity when sleeping can vary widely between individuals, but I have read numerous complaints about the Saatva mattresses sleeping hot. It will likely be related to how deeply you sink into a given mattress since the more your body is surrounded by materials with limited air flow the heat from your body builds up over time and gets reflected back at you. So a heavier sleeper who would sink more deeply is likely to sleep hotter than a lighter person.

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I’m going to admit that I like Saatva. The Saatva Classic is set in my spare room. It used to be my bed, but I now sleep on a TEMPUR-Pedic. Both are wonderful mattresses from leading manufacturers. Both mattresses fit the standards for a back pain mattress, which is a medium-firm hybrid memory foam. The traditional is an excellent option, but here are other alternatives depending on particular topics: Saatva Classic - back ache in general and back sleepers. Saatva Latex hybrid is ideal for side sleepers with back, hip, or shoulder problems. Saatva HD - Best for larger individuals with back discomfort. Saatva Loom & Leaf is ideal for stomach sleepers with back discomfort or those who want a really firm feel.
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I am not sure which model is luxury firm…We have a Saatva Zenhaven in our guest room. It doesn’t seem to sleep warmer than other latex mattresses to me. I tend to sleep hot and like a wool mattress protector.

I had Saatva luxury & soft models. Luxury sagged at waist in 9 months & the soft basically crippled me

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