Has anyone tried a latex and memory foam hybrid

I’ve been thinking of ordering the Total Latex from Brooklyn Bedding but substituting the top layer for their 4lb gel memory foam. So that would be 3" of memory foam over 6" of latex. Does anyone have any experience with memory foam over latex?

This would also give me the option of trying the memory foam as the second layer with latex on the top and bottom.

Any experiences or thoughts?


Hi michaelbw,

Have you considered the Aloe Adele?

It has a top 3" layer of gel memory foam, and second layer of latex (with your choice of firmness level and the ability to exchange it) along with a high quality base layer of 2.17 lb polyfoam. With this one you could use the latex over the memory foam or the other way around.

With the Total latex mattress you would have a 3" layer of latex (or memory foam in your version) and then a 6" latex base layer which would only allow you to use the memory foam over 6" of latex (you wouldn’t be able to have latex over the memory foam)

While I don’t sleep on a latex memory foam combination … there are some that I have tested that feel very good to me (my personal favorite of the memory foam/latex hybrid comfort layers is something like a thin layer of 1-2" of softer latex over a fairly thin 2" or so layer of memory foam over more latex).


I have given much consideration to the Aloe Adele. What turned my attention to the Total Latex was a conversation I had with Chuck earlier in the week. He indicated that the Total Latex was being made with 3 layers of latex at 3" each, instead of the 1 x 3" and 1 x 6" indicated on their website. I suppose it is possible I misunderstood but if the Total Latex is in fact 3 layers would you still recommend considering the Adele?

Your suggestion of a thinner layer of latex over the memory foam over more latex actually sounds ideal to me. I like idea of latex on the top as a buffer against both the heat retention and “sinking-in” feeling of the memory foam. Then the memory foam in the second layer could dampen some of the “springiness” of the latex.

Are you aware of any mattresses for sale that would allow for that combination?

Also, I’m curious if you’ve ever tried a Technogel mattress, specifically the Estasi model from The Healthy Back Store. While $4500 is a good bit more than I want to spend, I found that mattress very impressive. In fact its far and away the most comfortable mattress I’ve come across so far. My wife agrees (a rare occurrence indeed). Unfortunately they are pretty opaque about what’s under the hood, so to speak.

Thanks so much for all of the information you provide here. If not for this site I think I would have just bought an iComfort Prodigy. :oops:

i think you would be better off getting the pure latex as it is - but configuring it a little bit extra firm - then you could throw any topper on top of it that you liked - whether it be gel memory foam or anything else.

on the other hand i think using latex for the bottom 6 inches of the mattress is a waste of money - like a gold plated toilet.

when i talked to BB they tried to push me towards total latex as well even though i was interested in Aloe Alexis. they never quite explained why they didn’t want me to get Aloe but they really didn’t want me to get it for some reason :slight_smile: perhaps that “omalon” core is prone to sagging or something, because according to my estimates they should be making as much money on Aloe as on Total.

Hi michaelbw,

I would have a tough time deciding personally.

If the Total latex was 3 x 3" and all the layers were accessible … then the flexibility of the design and the ability to re-arrange, exchange, or replace individual layers and the ability to convert it into an all latex mattress if I didn’t like the memory foam would probably tilt me in this direction.

On the other side … if I was intending to include memory foam in the mattress no matter what … then having latex all the way through wouldn’t be as important to me since the memory foam would be such a big part of the feel anyway (in either the first or second layer) and would probably “override” much of the feel of the lowest layer of latex. The stiffness of the polyfoam could even create a better feel in combination with memory foam. I would need to test it or something similar to know for sure. That and the lower price would be the reasons I would lean in this direction.

I think I would leave this in the realm of personal preference and individual judgement because without being under the pressure of making an actual buying decision and being forced to decide I’m not sure which I would personally choose.


Hi michaelbw,

I forgot to answer a couple of your questions …

Not off the top of my head no and you would probably need to do some local research to find one that was similar. In many cases a local manufacturer could build something like this.

I’ve never tried it no but a few forum members have and have posted about their experience. A forum search on Technogel (you can just click this) will bring up more information.

The specs of the Estasi are listed here. Outside of the 1.2" layer of low density polyfoam (which is fairly thin and wouldn’t have a large effect on durability) … the specs show reasonable to good quality materials but they certainly don’t justify the cost of the mattress IMO.