Has anyone tried PuraSleep aka PuraVida/LuxeFoam?

While I search local vendors, I’m still keeping my eyes open for the mail order manufacturers. One of my customers recently received a PuraSleep Synergy eastern King on a bargain deal. They said that all the reviews they’ve encountered online said it was a great mattress. The price is in line with most memory foam manufacturers (aside from Tempur, of course…), but its a straight memory foam product and right now I’m leaning towards a hybrid.

Here’s their marketing hype, which actually gives a breakdown of their mattress construction:

Exceptional Triple-Layered Comfort and Support- 10" thickness provides luxurious comfort
while allowing standard sheet sets to be used.

Comfort Layer consists of 1.5" of superior high density 4 lb Memory Foam for the ultimate in
comfort, optimal performance and longevity. A 1.5" transition foam layer utilizing our unique
proprietary Energex formula provides an added layer of unsurpassed support.

Read more here:


I’d be interested in hearing reviews if anyone has tried this mattress.

Hi Daemon,

The quality and value of a mattress is only as good as it’s design and construction and the quality of materials that are used inside it.

Unfortunately … the information you have listed is very incomplete and doesn’t provide any meaningful information about what is in the mattress you are considering other than having a very thin 1.5" of 4 lb (medium quality/density) memory foam in the top layer.

The information about the density of the 1.5" polyfoam transition layer (although Energex is generally a good quality material you still need to know the density to confirm this) and the density of the 7" polyfoam base layer is missing completely which makes it impossible to make any meaningful assessments of the overall quality or relative value of the mattress or any potential “weak link” in the mattress.

The good news is that they do say their foam is CertiPur certified. You can see the criteria I would suggest for memory foam mattresses in post #10 here.

I should also note that there is no such thing as a “pure” memory foam mattress because memory foam is not a suitable material for use in deeper support layers and all memory foam mattresses will (or should) use a more supportive type of foam in the deeper support layers. In effect … all “memory foam” mattresses are actually “memory foam hybrids”.

Overall … this is a mattress that has a thin layer of memory foam over a thin layer of more resilient higher quality polyfoam (which lessens the memory foam feel and response of the mattress and provides a more “on the mattress” feel) but with any mattress … knowing the specifics of what is in it is the only way to make meaningful quality and value comparisons.

Any good retailer of manufacturer should be able to provide you with this information if you call them.

I would also be very careful using reviews to give you any type of indication about whether a mattress may have a suitable design for your own personal needs and preferences because what works well for one person may be completely unsuitable for another with a different body type, sleeping style, preferences, sensitivities, or physiology. You can read more about the reviews vs mattress research in post #13 here. the only meaningful way to know how a mattress will feel and perform for you is to actually test it or sleep on it (or a mattress with a similar design and materials). If you are not able to test a very similar mattress in person … the next best way (if the retailer or manufacturer of the mattress has good knowledge and experience and is not just focused on selling you whatever they can) would be with a more extended conversation on the phone so they can use their own knowledge and experience and the “averages” of their customer base to help you choose the mattress that has the best odds of working well for you based on the experiences of other people that are similar to you and assuming that your needs and preferences fall into an “average” range for your body type and sleeping style…