Has anyone tried the Totillow?

Hi! I was reading the general thread on pillows and found where the Totillow (totillowdeepsleep.com)was mentioned. I was wondering if anyone is tried this pillow? I have neck pain from sleeping wrong. I see a chiropractor as much as I can afford. He recommended a water pilllow, which I have tried and hate! I can never get the water level correct. I have tried a buckwheat pillow. It felt hard to me and hurt. I have tried feather and down and found neither to give enough support. My most recent and regretted pillow purchase was from thepillowdoc.com which is layers of foam and latex, some which are removable for customization. It was the most expensive pillow I bought. It gives me pressure and it is too firm, even with the layers removed. I like that the totillow has adjustable fill, but the shape is a bit different. Any thoughts?

I’ve been google searching but can’t seem to find any unbiased reviews. The website has positive reviews of course, but I can’t seem to find any others.

Hi stephie426,

the Totillow pillow looks very interesting to me. I mentioned it in post #3 in the pillow thread (except I spelled it wrong) but I’ve never tried it so I have no personal experience with it.

If you do decide to try it I’d love to hear your feedback :slight_smile:


Has anyone tried this pillow yet? I still literally can’t find one review of this pillow anywhere online. Very strange. I’m hesitant to order one, since it almost seems like they’ve never actually sold one.

While I have not tried the pillow that you mention, I just got some pillows for my wife and I from Nest Bedding called the easy breather pillow. It has the same idea of being able to adjust it by pulling out however much material you need for your level of comfort. They have two different versions, one with memory foam and one with latex and organic cotton cover. We chose the latex one and we have both been very happy with them.

My wife wasn’t sure about it the first night, but after explaining to her that she needed to pull some of the stuffing out and how she could adjust it she really likes it now. It is an expensive pillow, but it is for sure made with quality. She wanted a feather pillow at first so I ordered some quality 100% down pillows that were also pricey and the pillows from Nest Bedding and she is sleeping on the Nest Bedding pillow every night. You can google them to check them out and they also have some YouTube reviews by some other review sites. Good luck.

A chiropractor friend gave me a totillow as a gift about a month ago. I absolutley love it, and it has really helped with lifelong neck problems. I am 73. I have used buckwheat husk (sobakawa) pillows for about 30 years, because I wake up and my head is hot and I can’t stand fluff up around my face. She doesn’t have anymore of the pillows, and I’d like to know where I could get one!!