Has anyone tried these mattresses

Hi I’ve been looking at the below 5 mattresses. Could anyone share some insight if any of these are worth purchasing or avoiding? Thank you!

Zzz Atelier:

Marce Blanc:

Deep Dream:

Royal Sleep:

Sleep Republic:

I’m sorry but this question would be best directed at the main forum.

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Hey Jessse,

Welcome to the TMU Forum :slight_smile: ! Thanks for your question.

Good job on your mattress shopping research! Looks like from the links you have provided, you are considering an online purchase and have a good understanding of your sleep preferences. While you continue researching your choices, carefully review each Ebay reseller’s manufacturer warranties and return policies, being sure that you are comfortable with the terms they offer. Question for you: do you have local manufacturer access to the models you are researching? Outside of a liberal comfort exchange/ return policy, that would be the best way to experience the “feel” of what your preferences are without the hassle of the limited/ and or non-existent return policies in the Ebay reseller network.

I’m moving your post to the TMU general forum so that other consumer subscribers may offer their comments as well. Looking forward to hearing more about your research… :wink: