Has anyone used an Icetech mattress protector?

Has anyone used an Icetech mattress protector? From what I’ve heard - and experienced - cooling mattresses and pads don’t work at keeping the mattress cool the entire night but I was wondering if this one was an exception.

I have a cooling mattress cover/protector. Actually, I am obsessive about it and use two. When I got my new mattress, I took the old mattress protector and put it over my old springless box spring to cover that. My mattress has a built in glaciotex cover sewn into the mattress. Then I placed a BB 5 sided waterproof mattress protector over that. I then added a 2.5" topper, which I placed inside a “cooling material” topper encasement. Then I covered the entire setup, (mattress, protector, topper/encasement, ) with a cooling mattress cover, with the special material for “cooling.” What I have learned/known/experienced ect, is that if it isnt airconditioned, it doesnt really cool. There are certain materials that are known to be less hot than others. There are materials, gels, ect. that absorb the cold temperature in the room and will cause the sleeper to feel less hot when their skin touches the fabric. When you think about it. If we know our body temp is about 98degrees, our skin temp ranges from 89-94 degrees. If you keep you room at 68 degrees. (it is like the ocean on a hot summer day, your body heats up, and the water is 25 degrees cooler, it feels like it is freezing) So when a pillow or mattress/cover/material that now has absorbed and held that cooler air (like a gel pack in the freezer) all day, you lay down on it and, WOW it is cold. Yes of course, your skin is 93d and the surface of the material is 68 (room temp), so that 25d cooler difference seems wonderful, cool, and crisp surface to fall asleep on. That is the intention, most folks will fall asleep faster on a cool surface rather than a hot one. If you can get to sleep faster than the surface rises to your skin temp, then you are golden! If not, than it becomes an ordinary protector. Having said that, malouf makes an excellent mattress protector. their products are generally better quality in their specific classes of merchandise.