Hastens and ViSpring…..they might be worth it?


Ive been reading a lot about mattresses lately. When I first heard about the prices of Hastens and VISpring, I felt that they were not worth it. But I might be changing my tune on that! It is really amazing how quickly you can get to the 8-10k price mark at Macys. Is it really that crazy to think that a great mattress would cost $15k? I know the Hastens 2000T is $40k plus. I spend 1/3 of our lives in bed. Why not be comfortable?
Why have a backache? Why not wake up refreshed? Why not have a bed that promotes good posture? A great mattress is critical to good health. I will not be cheap with my health. If I can get a great mattress for less than $15k……thats great!!! But I wont count out Hastens and ViSpring and Duxiana simply because they are expensive. Sometimes expensive is well worth it. My health it worth it. Id rather spend $40k on a mattress that benefits my health daily over a $40k sports car that breaks down all the time and I never drive.

I have not laid down on a Hastens or ViSpring or Savoir Bed. Why? Because I like it. Then if I like it….I might buy it. Im trying to line up my luxury mattress test list now. Id try them all in 1 day. Plus I would test my 2-3 favorites a few times.

Im not impressed by the “luxury” or “premium”. My name embossed in gold letters on mattress doesnt make the mattress better. Having the name of the craftsman that built the mattress doesnt help me either. Im quite practical.

While I might be looking at “luxury mattresses”, I will not look at price tags at all. I am not fancy. If a lower priced mattress is better than a higher priced mattress, that is ok. I wont pay attention to the brand either. I will only pay attention to PPP. Thanks TMU!!! Preference and pressure relief are fairly simple to decipher. The hard one to determine is Posture or Alignment. Im hoping these luxury mattresses will have great Posture. I will only pay attention to the mattress and how it feels in relation to PPP. Im 5ft 11in, 225 pounds, 90% back sleeper, 10% side sleeper.

I was very curious to find that “The Sleep Doctor” Dr Michael Breus slept on a Hastens bed before he joined Hastens in 2020. Will that influence my choice? Nope! But I did enjoy reading his experience with Hastens online.

I will be making a run to check out Hastens, VISpring, Harrison Spinks, Obasan, Duxiana, Kluft, Aireloom, and more. I am a Tempurpediic fan boy, but these new mattresses might change my mind!!! I will post more here once I do. I might hate them all or love them all!

Are there any mattresses that give the Hastens or VISpring feel for a more reasonable price?


Hi John,

Definitely do keep us updated.

Our general feeling here on TMU about pricetags over 5k is that this is the range of ultra-premium mattresses and there is very little that can justify a purchase in this budget range outside of the satisfaction of owning something that is as much a work of art as it is a functional mattress.

This is also the budget range where you will find mattresses that are hand-built and inner tufted using very high-quality materials including pocket coils, natural fibers such as horsehair or cashmere, and other higher quality and costly materials and fabrics in the mattress padding and cover. This doesn’t mean that some people that can comfortably afford it wouldn’t be happy with a purchase in this budget range and there are certainly some very high-quality hand-built mattresses that can cost as much as $50,000 and take a master craftsman weeks to build a single mattress but the belief that a mattress in this budget range will sleep better or last longer than those that are in lower budget ranges isn’t usually accurate and the “real-life” benefits of a mattress in this budget range are generally the pride of ownership or satisfaction that can come from owning a mattress that very few people will ever sleep on or can afford.

Probably. Like I mentioned in your other post, this would require a breakdown of the mattress components, personal testing/data points, etc.

If someone here in the forum has already done this experiment I hope they chime in! :slight_smile: