Have a very tall bed so looking at 7" mattresses - what are the downsides of going with something so thin?

What are the considerations of going with a 7" mattress? I’m currently on an 10" all dunlop king mattress that’s:
Bottom: 4 inch 46-ILD
Middle: 4" 34-ILD
Top: 2" 20-ILD top layer

I also have LaNoodle topper. Unfortunately this makes the bed way too tall, so I’m changing it for a thinner mattress as I still want to use the LaNoodle topper.

I generally like the comfort and firmness of the bed, so wondering what people would recommend in terms of layering if I go to a 7" or 8" mattress (currently considering a SleepEZ build).

Are there any implications of going with a thin mattress? Does it make things feel firmer? And how should I take that into account with my new build?

Hi alfie.

Thanks for asking your question in our Mattress Forum! :slight_smile:

Generally, a thinner mattress (under 9") is used for bunk beds, children, etc.

It’s also thought that mattresses under 8" are a bit less durable (in part because you have less material/components holding up your body weight and so on). But, I see you’re also planning to add the topper so, that would bring the height of your mattress above the 7/8 inches you’re considering for the main build.

And, yes, also generally speaking, the thinner the mattress the firmer the feel.