Have hit info-saturation...please recommend my ideal build!

That’s it! Hail mary time.

I would like a bed that’s at least natural latex on top, preferably talalay. I already own two 1.5" raw NR talalay latex toppers that could be incorporated or not somehow.

I’m 5’4", 135lbs, exclusive side sleeper, female with an average build and also raging fibromyalgia.

My Zenhaven has been a good-enough solution for me with one topper, but I am always irked by the shoulder pressure. I can’t tell if it’s from the quilted-to-wool cover or the ILDs (below)/zoning. The pain doesn’t disturb my sleep but I wonder if it is putting further strain on my neck, which already has 4 bulging disks. (I’m 35yo but a special case, I guess.) The pain I normally have is severe enough I’ve stopped working, but that is doubtfully solvable with a mattress. Sometimes I go for a low pillow for alignment, sometimes I go for a higher pillow to get relief at the cost of good alignment.

If I don’t get enough hip support, they dip imperceptibly and my low back seizes up until I lie on something firmer. The zoning in the Zenhaven has actually been really helpful for my hip, at least.

Is it possible to build a bed that takes care of my shoulder (needing less support) and my hip (needing more), featuring talalay and probably a more stretchy cover? I can get some of the benefits of direct latex contact with my topper if needed.

I am daunted by too many moving parts as my pain makes it tricky to move the bed around (although not impossible). I’m hopeful for a one-and-done, or at least minimal tweaks. I’m considering starting with either a 6" core (or possibly the 5.5" zoned core?) or a zoned innerspring but at this point just need some “starting place” guidance. Natural is preferred but comfort will win out.

Thanks in advance!

(For reference, Zenhaven is zoned:

topper - 14ild
wool/knit cotton layer
14-19 ZONED N1
24-28 N3
30-34 N4
20-24 ZONED N3

Thanks again!)