Haven Mattress & Temperature issues + Alpaca Comforter

Hi Demeter,

Congrats on the new mattress and for finding solutions for sleeping cooler! :slight_smile:

“The big plus for me is that it does sleep very cool. I’ve been sleeping deeply and with no overheating issues and can’t believe how much better I feel throughout the day with a full night’s sleep”

Great to hear that the alpaca comforter works our so well for you.

Thank you for the new update and as usual, let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.


Hi All,

I called Haven today to try to get more information on their materials. I was told that they don’t give out the specs because they feel that judging quality based on density is outdated given advancements in the foam/latex field. He said new technology has produced high quality low density materials and they don’t want people judging their mattresses using old school criteria. Does that make sense or is it smoke and mirrors?

I was about to pull the trigger on the haven lux but I don’t want to if it seems a bit sketchy.

We are in need of a new king mattress in Toronto. I’m a 130 lb stomach sleeper and my husband is a 190 lb side/stomach sleeper. We also both seem to like a mattress that allows you to sink in a little bit. We have two small kids so online mattress shopping is the most convenient right now.

The other mattresses I an looking at are the Alexander Signature hybrid and the Silk and Snow hybrid. The only thing holding me back from Nest is the current exchange rate.

Thanks so much!

Hey Drt34,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :).

Thanks for the post. I totally get it, two kids, get a babysitter and go mattress shopping…can you say date night!!! Ok, I digress.

I wish I could help with the exchange rate, but that is beyond my pay grade.

I don’t want to sound too negative as I don’t know the owners of Haven, and of course, I know no specifications for their products…but the answer given to you is BS. I think you already know this. But maybe I am biased, but I am not a huge fan of companies using memory foam, with a tiny % of some natural ingredient, and calling it “plant-based” and “Vegan”. I mean, c’mon It’s polyurethane foam. Here is another quote from the website:

This copper Talalay is a good product from Talalay Global. Its a blend of synthetic and natural latex with copper added. It is so NOT organic, Talalay Global would never tell people its organic.

I would respect them so much better if they said "No we don’t give out specs, because we don’t want our competitors knowing and copying us, etc, etc. But instead, they say:

We / TMU discuss all these “new technologies” for foam, whether its adding gel, or copper or other additives, but it’s simply asinine to say density is not relevant.

I recommend please check out a few more trusted members. I understand the cost issues, but hybrid mattresses from Nest, or Luma Sleep or Ghostbed, to name a few that ship to CA, any of these may have a higher cost but would be much more transparent with their product specs.

Thanks again for the post, good luck.