Haven Mattress & Temperature issues + Alpaca Comforter

Hi, I am wondering if you know anything about the Haven Mattress in Canada. I cannot find much information about them. Haven Sleep Co, Top Rated & As Seen On HGTV – Haven CANADA


Hi ltoth,

Haven is another of the newer “simplified choice” mattress brands popping up across the landscape. Thanks for bringing them up, as they have not been mentioned before on the forum. They are founded by Scott and Kelly Amis and are built by Springwall Mattress in Canada, and they say their foams are sourced in Canada as well.

There are two mattresses, the Recharge and the Rejuvenate. The Recharge uses a 3" polyfoam core, upon which is 2" of “PuRGel” memory foam, and on top of this is 1" of gel infused memory foam. The PuRGel is listed at 3.5 lb. density, which is a bit lower than I would normally recommend. I could not find any information about the density of the upper memory foam layer or the polyfoam core. The cover contains Celliant.

The Rejuvenate uses an 8" polyfoam core, on top of which is 1" of the “PuRGel” memory foam, and that is topped with 1" of NgLatex gel infused latex. It is listed as a blended Talalay latex using a gel additive, which would be a high quality material. The density of the polyfoam core is unknown. The PuRGel is listed as 3.5 lb. The cover contains Celliant.

Their polyfoams are CertiPUR-US certified for low VOCs (this isn’t a certification of NO offgassing). They make some claims in their pricing of rather large “savings”, which I would ignore.

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough meaningful information on their web site for me to make further comments, but if you were able to find out the information listed here and post it I would be happy to give my opinion on the quality of the rest of the componentry within their mattresses.


This is very helpful. Thank you! I found your post on simplified choice mattresses and with this information was able to do some comparisons to others that you already reviewed.

Hi ltoth,

I’m glad you found the simplified choice thread and it was useful to you. Almost all of the mattresses presented there have complete specifications listed, and of course I would advise you to avoid any mattresses where you couldn’t find out the complete specs.


Just purchased a Haven mattress to replace an 11 yr old sealy posturepedic and so far loving it after a week of use. me and my wife are now getting a good restful sleep. i am 160 lbs and my wife is 130 lbs. In the beginning i was considering the OSO and Bear mattresses but it was in USD and would cost more and does not ship free. what sold me on this was being made in canada, free shipping and the celliant material. This is our first purchase of a bed in a box and have not tried any other to compare it to. so far happy about it.

Hi JoeFil,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your new mattress. :cheer: I hope that you’ll be able to provide some future updates once you’ve had a chance to sleep upon the product for a while longer.

Out of curiosity, were you able to acquire any more information (versus what I’ve already listed in this thread) about the componentry within the mattress to help you make an informed purchase that you could share with the forum members?


Haven has released a Lux hybrid mattress which consists of the following layers making up 14":

Topper has bamboo/Celliant both help with temp
1" top layer is vented talalay latex with copper
2"cool gel foam (zoned or firm customized
1.5"high density foam
1" 1200 micro coils
8" 1200 pocket coils
.5" insulation layer

I’d love to hear from anyone who has tried this bed and would like Phoenix’s opinion on the design. Being a 134 lb side sleeper I would go with the plush version and hope that it isn’t too firm. I currently am testing a soft memory foam mattress and it’s supportive and comfortable but even with a St Dormeir wool pad (very thin) I find that some nights I wake up several times overheated even in a cold room. I wonder if the Haven Lux being an inner spring mattress with a Talalay pillow top might have better thermal regulating properties. I believe I could adjust the bedding & topper on my memory foam to sleep cooler but with summer & much warmer temperatures coming up I worry. I’m not willing to crank the AC up high enough to keep the temperature at it’s current 62-64 F degrees . Part of the issue might be my light weight down duvet which tends to radiate heat back down towards the mattress. Have ordered an alpaca duvet which is supposed to breathe better and considering an alpaca mattress topper but tbh spending an extra $1k on bedding is a fairly expensive solution

@JoeFil - Which one did you get and what firmness?

Hi demeter,

Regarding the 14" Haven Lux Pillowtop hybrid on the Canadian market, Haven does not provide on their website the density information of the layers that make up the top 3.5 inches of the bed, that would allow to comment and analyze this mattress. If you find the information listed here and post it in this thread here, I’d be happy to comment upon it.

It seems that you did a bit of research on mattress temperature regulation issues but just in case you did not come across post #2 here you can read more about the many variables that can affect the sleeping temperature of a mattress or sleeping system that can help you choose the types of materials and components that are most likely to keep you in a comfortable temperature range. You are correct that Latex itself is a quite breathable material and being the uppermost layer within the mattress would have the most effect on airflow, moisture transport, and temperature regulation than any materials, layers, and components that are further away from your skin. Pocket and micro coils core is one of the most breathable types of cores that can help with breathability and ventilation … I’d also keep in mind that the top Latex layer is 1" thick I am not sure how much heat would be trapped by the 3.5" of memory and poly foam between the latex and the coils. While it’s also not always possible to track down temperature regulation issues for any particular person on a specific mattress because there are so many variables involved (including your room temperature and humidity, your sheets and bedding and bedclothes, your mattress protector or any mattress pads you are using, and where you are in the “oven to iceberg” range) and some people can sleep warmer on mattresses that most people are generally fine with … since you are “testing” and have the Novosbed experience, maybe when you “test” the next bed, you will at least have something to compare it against.

Alpacas of Montana has a good article comparing alpaca fleece versus sheep’s wool. Wikipedia has a good article here on Alpaca wool. It’s generally finer and lighter and warmer than many types of sheep’s wool and similar to Merino wool (which is a breed that produces softer finer wool). It will tend to be less “lofty” than wool, and it is often blended with other fibers. Of course, the overall warmth will be dependent upon the amount of fill in a comforter, but in a similar diameter fiber, the alpaca will be more insulating that wool fiber.

If you are considering an alpaca comforter, you may wish to request a small sample of the fiber beforehand so you may gauge your potential reaction to the product before placing an order.

Looking forward to any further updates on your testing and temperature regulation decisions.


Thank you so much for your insights Phoenix. I didn’t start out to “test” the first bed and really like everything about it except the overheating issue. I was always cold in my old inner spring bed so this has been a surprise. This wonderful site is an education in all things bed & bedding related and a great resource. I’ll let you know what I think about the Haven lux and if it doesn’t work out I will work with my foam bed and try to modify it with a wool topper. I had them reduce the amount of fill in the comforter so that it will be cooler and look forward to receiving it this week. I had no idea that changing beds would be such an undertaking.

Hi Demeter,

You are very welcome and thank you for the kind words about TMU. If you find any information about the Haven Lux, please let us know. About the comforter, I’d be interested to know who is “reducing the amount of fill” for you? …the company you were getting the alpaca duvet from?

Thanks again for the kind words.


Yes, the Ontario Alpaca farm that I tried first was out of stock so I found a company in Peru called Sweet Dreams Home that had one on offer through Amazon with good reviews. It is 100% Royal Alpaca with a 600 thread count cover so I requested one with less fill and a lower cotton thread count cover to be more breathable and he is making one for me - it shipped last week and I should have it within the next couple of days so will be able to report on it. I know there are some alpaca/wool blends available but I had a bad experience with a wool duvet and the intense lanolin “scent” and apparently alpaca has no oils or waxes that give it a characteristic smell…it’s supposed to be very hypo allergenic and thermal buffering. The disadvantage is apparently that it doesn’t have much loft so I’m hoping it looks as nice in the duvet cover as my down duvet does. However more interested in comfort than appearance really. I’m told that lighter weight alpaca duvets can be used year round. Perhaps if wool is washable the lanolin is stripped out of it because my St Dormeir mattress cover has no discernible scent at all. Some people report that the scent disappears after a while but that seemed hard for me to believe with the one that I received.

Hi demeter,

Thank you for the interesting information you’ve passed on about the Peru, Sweet Dreams Home company, it’s certainly a good sign that they are working so closely with consumers. I am looking forward to your update once you receive it as there is not much information and comparisons on Alpaca material and it would be great to have some first-hand account of features and how it performs.

Too bad about the intense lanolin smell on the wool duvet you had… and yes I haven’t heard of anyone complaining about St Dormeir odor issues.

Thanks again for the good info you’ve provided. I am sure many other consumers will find this useful


So I’ve slept under my new alpaca comforter for two nights now and really like it. It’s approximately 2.2 kg of filling and this type of comforter is much heavier than my light weight down duvet. Instead of being really puffy on the bed (inside a cotton cover) it looks more like a heavy comforter which is fine. It also is quite warm but doesn’t float over me like the down does…it’s a little heavier and drapes over me…it hugs the body more but I don’t feel the heat radiating back down towards the mattress. It’s more of a gentle warmth that doesn’t build and it seems to breathe very well. The cover is a high quality white cotton sheeting material and the workmanship is good. I had originally requested a 3.5 lb filling by weight but I guess they thought it would be too sparse as alpaca doesn’t have that much loft. This will be just fine for winter and probably part way through fall & spring. I normally have to remove my down duvet in early April as it is too warm but I think I will be able to keep this on my bed until the summer. Very happy with my comforter. It does not have any discernible scent.

Note: I just corresponded with the seller again who was following up to see how I liked it. He explained that they only use the fine baby alpaca fibres which are softer and don’t have a smell. I’ve started him thinking about offering a very light summer weight comforter which I think would be wonderful. He’s still thinking 2 or 2.2 kg but I think they could go even lighter - I’ve seen some down duvets that you can practically see through…I think about 1.5 kg in a very breathable cotton cover would be perfect for our hot humid summers with the cooler nights

Hi Demeter,

Thanks for taking the time to give such a detailed account on your new Alpaca comforter. I am sure that many of our visitors will greatly appreciate this. I added the “Temperature issues” wording to the name of your thread as a pointer for those looking into temperature regulation solutions. I use a silk comforter, but now I am tempted to give “baby alpaca fibers” a try.

I am glad that you are happy with the temperature microclimate so far and that the seller is so responsive. (Great customer service too!)

I’m looking forward to any additional feedback you might wish to share once you’ve had the chance to experience the product a little longer.


Hello Phoenix,

I tried to get more info on the Rejuvenate and his is what I was able to get when I contacted them:

“Top 1’ is the copper infused, vented natural latex.
Under that 1” cool gel
Under that 3’ transition layer (firm or softer zone, Your option)
5" High density memory foam.

Cool tech is the best in the business. Bamboo, Celliant, Copper, latex, Cool gel, venting," [I assume this is for the cover…]

When I asked for the foam density, I was told this is proprietary info but got this:

"Foam density was a quality determination previously.
The industry struggles to have any comparisons data to help customers with.

Since then we now make foams with lighter materials that are higher density and last longer.
So a 4lb foam may underperform a 3lb.

Also foam makers were adding fillers like sand to bump up the weights to trick
Customers into thinking the foam would last longer."

I was wondering what you think?


Hi Eagle_traveler,

Sorry for the delayed reply. Sensei moved the post to its own topic and was not clear who will reply to the post.

Well done trying to find the information and asking the questions about density. Of course, they have every right to say it’s “proprietary” information, but their response is a bit more than suspicious. I am curious who gave you this information? … the retailer or the mattress manufacturer?

The copper-infused latex is a good product, of course, curious what ILD it is? But without foam densities, I would be cautious with proceeding with this product. The 1" gel and the 3" transition layers of unknown densities make it impossible for us to comment in any meaningful way.

To say foam density is not a quality determination is simply wrong. There has been a long history of scientific quantitative and qualitative data showing that higher density foams last much longer. Making foams with “lighter materials that are higher density” ???.. I don’t really understand what they mean with this statement … again scientifically speaking density is a weight equation:

As far as the additives … when there are fillers added to memory foam or polyfoam it’s difficult to know the effect it will have on durability. Foam companies can make formula changes and add fillers to give foams certain properties to some of their specialty products … I am also sure some of these “modifications” can also be requested to purely to increase foam density, but one would need to be more specific to make any credible argument. Unsupported, blank statements like these are the the reason I always strongly recommend that consumers ask questions and talk to any of our trusted members and experts who have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience behind their products and understand the effect of any change they make on their product designs.

Great to see that you are doing your due diligence and thanks for sharing.


Thanks for your input! I appreciate :slight_smile:

Hi Eagle_traveler.

You are very welcome! I’d be curious to know what you decided… and as always let us know if you have any other questions.


I put the alpaca comforter into a linen duvet cover which has made it even more breathable and it’s so comfortable paired with light weight linens. I almost feel as though I can feel air movement through it. My bedroom temperature has climbed to about 66 degrees F as the weather warms and it’s still perfectly comfortable. I think it might take a heat wave to make me take it off the bed
Update May 8: Temp in bedroom has been above 70 degrees & still comfortable!