Having trouble finding the right mattress

Hello all,

I’ve been looking for a new mattress for the last few weeks (moving from a full to a king size), and I have been having trouble finding the perfect one. I’ve read through all of the overview sections (support, comfort, etc) on this website, as well as the 5 step process for finding the perfect mattress. I currently have a Sealy Posturepedic I bought from the Costco Home Store about 6 years ago. Here’s where I’m at:

Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 135 lb. (on the slim side)
Living in the Phoenix, AZ area
Almost 100% back sleeper (rarely on my side, and even more rarely on my stomach)

I’ve been having trouble getting past Step 1 in the Step 5 process because while researching the mattress construction of the ones I like, I don’t feel like I’m seeing any patterns. However, I have determined that I like the following features:

Flat Quilting
Mattress doesn’t really hold my shape
Springy (but willing to sacrifice this for more comfort)
Soft on top (I tend to like Pillow Tops, the plusher the better until it gets to the point where my hips are sinking in too much)
Sink in slightly, but not too much
As chemical free as possible

Here’s where I’ve been so far and what I’ve tried/liked (this might also be helpful for other members to get a feel for some of the other mattress places around the valley too):

  1. Copenhagen Imports (on Southern and the 101, Tempe): Here I found the NaturaPedic Mirror Mattress. I think it is discontinued, but I found a link to a site that still sells them here. It looks like the closest replacement now is the NaturaPedic Mirage Mattress, on the Naturaworld website here. The Mirror was probably my favorite mattress that I have tried so far. However, the core is listed as “Plant-based foam”, which I’m assuming is polyfoam, and since the grade is not listed I’m not sure whether it’s quality or not. I also haven’t been able to find the NaturaPedic brand at any other place I’ve been to yet, but I did send an email to the company to see if they have any other retailers in my area. Copenhagen now carries Aireloom, which I tried all of them and didn’t like them.

  2. Sleep America Clearance Center (Scottsdale Rd and Thomas, Scottsdale): Nothing really stood out to me here except a couple of the Kingsdown mattresses, but not enough for me to consider them. Also hit some low pressure sales tactics there, along with a salesperson following me around.

  3. The Dump (on Elliot and Priest, Tempe): Here I found the “SpringAir 4 Seasons Satisfactory Firm”, my favorite mattress here. I liked this one, but couldn’t find details on the construction online. I actually went here twice, the first time with no one bothering me and the second time with a salesperson checking in on me every 10 minutes or so, which made it harder to shop.

  4. Mega Furniture (right next to the Dump): Here I found the “Simmons BeautyRest Black Georgianna”, which is my second favorite overall mattress so far. From this I determined that I pretty much prefer pocketed coil, but looking at the construction online and seeing materials like “Euro Cool foam” and “GelTouch foam” made it hard to really compare this to anything else.

  5. R&S Mattress (Warner and the I-10 area, near Ikea, Tempe): I walked in here, but they didn’t have a ton of beds to lie down on so I left immediately. I wouldn’t be opposed to going back here in the future though.

  6. Arizona Mattress Overstock (University and McClinctock area, Tempe): Pretty much the same as #5.

  7. Jack’s Warehouse (Scottsdale): Here I found the King Koil Spine Support Delaney and Bristol models, with the Bristol being my preferred. The construction lists a “Visco Support Band” in the comfort layer, which I don’t recognize as being memory foam, poly, etc., so a bit confused by that. They didn’t have the Charleston on the floor, but I would have liked to try that one as my main gripe with the other two was that the quilting was not flat. I also tried to look for other King Koil retailers in my area so I could try the Charleston, but couldn’t find any. Selection was not too wide here, but no one really bothered me so that was nice.

8 ) Ikea in Tempe: very limited selection, didn’t like anything here.

  1. Sleep EZ Factory: this was the last place I tried, yesterday in fact. I went here because I wanted to try some quality all latex mattresses, which I pretty much didn’t find anywhere else. The show room is a bit small, with about 10 models to try. The 10,000 and 9,000 Talalay blend mattresses were my favorites, but I wasn’t sinking in to them pretty much at all. Definitely wouldn’t be opposed to going back here though based on the advice from this website. No one really bothered me as I flopped around on the floor models, but a salesperson/owner was there to help out if I needed it.

I also wouldn’t mind trying Arizona Premium Mattress Company, but since they are 30 minutes away from me and I’m not sure they would have anything much different than EZ Sleep Factory, I’m not sure I want to make the trek out there.

I’m at a point where I don’t know what to do next. I don’t think I really want to go for an online purchase as I get buyer’s remorse pretty easily, and want a good refund policy (which I haven’t seen too many of online/may require a lot of effort on my part). Does anyone have any suggestions for me, maybe what you would do if you were in my shoes? Also, if anyone sees any patterns from what I have described, please feel free to point them out to me :slight_smile: I can provide more info or clarify as needed.

Thank you in advance!

Hi pokorourk,

In case you haven’t read it yet … the first place I would start is post #1 here.

I wouldn’t research mattress construction … that could be a learning curve that takes years. I would focus more on researching the knowledge and experience of the retailers you are dealing with and their willingness and ability to provide you with the information you need. Once you have read the overviews (not studied them) so you have some basic information (probably more than most mainstream mattress salespeople) and you have a good idea of the guidelines about what to look for and avoid (major brands, chain stores, any retailer that doesn’t fit the criteria here and any mattress where you can’t find out the quality of the materials that are in it) then it’s time to start testing mattresses to see which types of materials and mattresses you tend to prefer.

The better options I’m aware of in the Phoenix, Tempe, Tucson area are listed in post #4 here and it includes 3 of the members here which are all among the best value in the country.

As the guidelines suggest … I would tend to avoid most of the places you have visited and focus on the better options you have available to you.