Headboard height

I’ve just about decided on a mattress from a local store, but I’m stuck on finding a bed frame. I wasn’t going to get a frame with a headboard at first, but I realized unless I position my bed the other way in my room then I can’t have the bed practically up against the wall, so I kinda need a headboard I suppose. The problem is that I want a relatively simple headboard, but I also want to be able to sit up against it. If I’m reading or whatever. This is what I’m currently looking at. I like it, but I’m a bit worried that it might be too short for me to lean up against it. And looking at the video of someone constructing it, it looks like while I can take the headboard off if I decide I don’t like it, it will leave the giant poles. If I can’t sit up in the bed then I don’t really see the point of a headboard. Thoughts?

Two suggestions:
1.) push your existing bed against the wall, get in and lean back against the wall in the position you’d like to sit, put a pencil mark on the wall at what seems high enough to support your comfortably, and then measure the height that works for you.
I found that for me there are really two different positions that matter: sitting up fairly tall while using my laptop, and a more relaxed, lower, TV-watching or reading position.
2.) Look at different headboards. Many headboards can be attached to a standard frame rather than having the frame and headboard be one single assembly. this for example: [Amazon.com](Amazon Basics Faux Linen Upholstered Tufted Headboard)
That way you have more options.

Hi vexinglytranslate and welcome to the Mattress Underground :slight_smile:

Headboards are an even more subjective purchase than mattresses; personally the few times I haveused headboards they were wood, attached to my bed frame and honestly just gave me something to ‘bonk’ my head on frequently!

As there’s no ‘standard head board size’, and no way for anyone but you to tell where your head will rest while you suit up in bed….the zinus upholstered headboard you listed seems like it would at least provide a cushion…but there are many many options available, some with attachments that screw into the top frame, some which have support roofs as you describe, upholstered with cloth, foam, leather, and at many price points.

Thanks @David1 for your suggestions! I would look into this to see if it’s something that would be more of what you are looking for. Hopefully other ‘headboard folks’ here on the forum can chime in as well - I wish you success on your search!

~ Basilio

i ended up going for it, if it’s too short i’m going to find a way to modify it, or try to attach the headboard in a janky way and see if it’s stable

I don’t have a proper bed right now, just an air mattress, which didn’t pop, but has a “bubble” in it now