Headed to Quality Sleep Shop Chicago

Hi everyone!
So glad I came upon this site! I’ve been searching for a better quality product than what the national bedding companies are putting out these days. After researching these last 2 weeks, I think I have the knowledge and information to go out and make an informed wise decision on a new mattress.
We purchased a top of the line($1800) Sealy Posturepedic euro top set about 6 years ago and as you can imagine it is now a torture chamber with deep indentations from the cheap poly foam used in the comfort layers. I’m surprised we’ve dealt with it for this long! Many many days with both of us tossing and turning, waking up in pain, feeling unrested!
Today we’re heading over to the Quality Sleep Shop in La Grange to see Tim. Hopefully we can find something we can both be comfortable on. I am a stomach sleeper and my husband is a side sleeper. Was thinking a quality pocket coil with natural latex comfort layers, but I’m not opposed to all latex either. I just prefer not to sink into the mattress too much, and I do not like memory foam at all being a stomach sleeper!
I’ll let you know how we do. Very excited to live near such a highly recommended bedding factory where we can actually go and try out the different beds to see what we like!
Good luck to everyone in the same boat who is looking for a quality comfortable reasonably priced bedding set!

Hi McGee,

As you know … I think very highly of Tim and his ability to help you make your best choices and the value you will find there.

I’m looking forward to hearing about your experience :slight_smile:


I had originally planned to make several different stops around the Chicago area, but after visiting Quality Sleep shop I knew I had made our first and last stop.

Tim and his assistant(sorry I can’t recall his name) were absolutely wonderful explaining their different sleep systems and custom built mattresses to us. Going over the different types of coil systems and comfort layers they use. Tim is a super friendly guy and so laid back, it was so refreshing talking with him. It’s no surprise that they get such reviews and so much repeat business. They have a nice sized showroom and sell innerspring, gel, latex, and organic mattresses. All of Quality’s mattresses are made right behind the showroom in their factory and you can see through a glass wall the mattresses being assembled. Pretty cool.

We pretty much knew that we were looking for a hybrid innerspring and latex mattress, and he recommended the Emily mattress. We ended up customizing it with Eco wool batting, no poly at all, and a beautiful bamboo cover. We also choose to make it double-sided for longevity. The Emily is constructed with a pocketed coil innerspring with blended latex over top. Tim explained that he uses only top quality components and he actually orders their pocket coils from the same manufacturers that the big mattress companies use, except that he constructs his mattresses with quality comfort layers, not the cheap poly foam that will degrade in no time at all! After both wool and bamboo upgrades, and double siding, tax, and delivery(we live almost an hr from their shop) this king set with foundation was about $1600. Other mattresses I had looked at online with these similar components were much more expensive.

This beautiful set was delivered last night(yes it took him less than a week to build and deliver) and I’ll give a quick review after only one night sleeping on it. This mattress is a little firmer than we have been used to, and we both thought it might take a little while to adjust. When we first went to sleep, we both agreed it felt very comfortable and plush, but we both woke up early this am a little stiff. Tim does offer a pillowtop version of this mattress, but we wanted a removeable topper that could be replaced if showing signs of wear and breakdown.

I was contemplating either talalay latex or organic wool topper for a more pillow-top feel. I decided to go with the wool and placed an order for a 5" ultimate wool topper from Surround Ewe in nearby Wisconsin. The natural “wicking” properties of the wool are great, as well as being the best natural temperature regulating material available. These beautiful wool toppers are handmade to order and are supposed to provide a cloud-like, pressure point relieving sleeping surface. I will update with the details after we receive it. I also ordered an organic wool all-season comforter and washable wool mattress pad for the topper.

Tim also has an excellent warranty that he calls his comfort guarantee. If after 30 days(he wants you to adjust to the mattress) you are not totally happy, he will bring the mattress back to the factory and adjust the comfort layers for you. I highly recommend Quality Sleep if you are anywhere near the Chicago area. Thanks to the Mattress Underground and Phoenix for recommending it to us.

Hi McGhee,

First of all … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I think you made some great choices and in the words of a mattress manufacturer I know … your new “sleeping system” sounds “delicious”.

I also think highly of the surroundewe products and I appreciate too that you took the time to write such a complete review of your whole experience with Quality Sleep. I hope that you have the chance to write an update a little further down the road when you’ve had the chance to sleep on your new combination for a while.