Healthy Back Embrace Comfort Mattress and Temperpedic Cloud Mattress

Have you done an evaluation of either of these this mattresses?

Hi karen h

You can see my thoughts about Tempurpedic in post #10 here and some of the other posts it links to. They are among the major brands I would tend to avoid. Most of them would be in the “good quality but poor value” group except for the Simplicity line which uses very low quality 2.5 lb memory foam and I would put it in the “low quality poor value” group.

The Healthy Back Embrace is a new memory foam mattress that they are carrying which is being tested in only a few of their stores so it’s not on their website yet. It’s scheduled to be generally available in the next quarter. While I think highly of the quality of service and the knowledge of the staff at Healthy Back (they have always been open and informative in my conversations with several of their retail locations) I don’t know much about the Embrace itself except that it’s softer than most of their memory foam mattresses (which is probably the reason for the name “Embrace”).

If you can ask them about the layering and the quality/density of the materials in the mattress and post it on the forum, I’d be happy to share my thoughts about it’s relative quality/value. In terms of how well it matches different the body type, sleeping positions, and preferences of any particular person … of course that would be a matter of testing the mattress for PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences).