HealthyBack Mattress

Is anyone familiar with HealthyBack brand mattresses? They have foam and latex styles. They have HealthyBack stores thruout the US and sell their brand plus Tempurpedic and a few others. HealthyBack pricing appears much lower than the big boys. Anybody out there have a HB mattress?

Hi BCCCoach,

While I don’t have a Healthy Back mattress … I am quite familiar with them and have talked with them on several occasions.

Their latex mattresses are made by Pure Latex Bliss and have the same construction except they use Celsion latex (a form of temperature regulating talalay latex) in the top layer instead of “regular” talalay latex. They are about $100 more than the Pure Latex Bliss models for this reason. You can find the “specs” of the PLB mattresses in Post #4 here.

Pure Latex Bliss itself is one of the better national brands (it is owned by latex international which makes much of the talalay latex in North America) and has better value than most mainstream talalay latex mattresses but having said that … they are certainly higher priced than other talalay latex mattresses made by smaller factory direct manufacturers. They are one of the better value “national” brands though.

The Healthy back technogel mattresses are also very interesting and they are one of the few retailers across the country that carry them. They have a “pure gel” layer rather than a gel infused memory foam layer and it is inside a layer of high quality polyfoam. I have a fairly complete description of this mattress from the training material used by Healthy Back if you are considering it.

They do provide the layer thickness of their memory foam mattresses on their site but they don’t include the density of the memory foam or the polyfoam underneath it. They are fairly basic memory foam mattresses and in my experience they are very open about the materials they use in their mattresses so they would likely give you the density of the layers with a phone call so you can make a meaningful comparison with similar memory foam mattresses from other outlets.

Overall Healthy Back IMO is a better retail outlet and competes well with other retail outlets although their value is not in the same range as most factory direct manufacturers or sleep shops that sell locally produced mattresses.

Hope this helps a bit.