Heated mattress pad with Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress?


My wife and I have always used a heated mattress pad (nothing fancy; just a standard AC model) with traditional innerspring boxspring/mattresses. We are considering purchasing either the regular Ultimate Dreams mattress or the Eurotop version (the ones sold on Amazon by Brooklyn Bedding). These mattresses’ first comfort layer is 1.5" of “super soft reflex foam”, and in this forum I have learned that a heated mattress pad is something to be avoided with memory foam, as it will damage and degrade memory foam over time. Should I be concerned about mattress damage if I buy one of these mattresses and use it with my heated mattress pad?

Does a heated mattress pad adversely affect latex top/uppermost comfort layer(s)? (I have also learned from the forum that I can get a full latex mattress from latexmattressshop.com, also by Brooklyn Bedding, and these mattress substitute latex for foam in the uppermost comfort layer, and latex is used as the support layer).

Thanks for the great information in this forum!


Hi PC,

The super soft reflex foam is used in the quilting layer and is polyfoam not memory foam so using it with a heated pad would be fine.

No … latex and polyfoam are not heat sensitive foams so a heated mattress pad is fine.

They are still planning to update the http://latexmattressshop.com/ site so I’m not sure if the base layers are “core foam” (which would normally “translate” as polyfoam) or latex. They can certainly supply the mattress that are listed there even though they are set up to focus more on the Amazon site at the moment. They can also customize the mattresses that they list there if you call them about your preferences. These mattresses also have a quilted cover so you may want to ask them what is in the quilting layer over the latex find out if it’s the same 1.5" reflex foam as the Ultimate Dreams.