HELP! Cant' decide on which mattress

I’ve been looking for a mattress for the last month and can’t decide which one to go for.

My problem is sore back and shoulders and tossing and turning all night, very poor sleep.

Can anyone please give any advice before I make my final decision? I’ve narrowed it down to The UK's Largest Independent Furniture Retailer - Furniture Village or or OR better still if anyone knows of an equivalent at a better price? They are a bit above my budget but I figure it will be worth it if I can get some sleep.
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I am wanting a king size and I weigh 8st 7 in case that is relevant.

I stayed in a Premier Inn on Friday just to try the bed! When I got up it was the first morning I hadn’t had to take painkillers! I liked the mattress but found it a little too hard.

Sorry for the long post, I would really appreciate if anyone can give some advice

Thank you

Minny :slight_smile:

Hi minnymoo,

I’m not familiar with the UK market but I think my comments would be very similar to my comments to gemz1989 here.

I should also mention that I’ve spent quite some time on the John Ryan websites and based on the information they provide and their efforts to bring transparency to mattress shopping and educate their customers I certainly would be very comfortable in dealing with them.