Help choosing an organic latex mattress

I’m replacing my mattress and have really become interested in latex mattresses but am completly new to the world of latex so had a few questions.

Currently I have an innerspring firm mattress but have always felt it was a little too firm. Lately I’ve been waking up with shoulder and neck pain as well as congestion so thought it was time to replace the mattress. These allergic type symptoms got my search started for anti allergen mattresses/materials which is how I came to latex and have grown to appreciatethe the organic and no VOC component as well.

The mattress is for my husband and me.

Female (30) 5’2 100lbs stomach and side sleeper
Male (33) 5’9 165lbs side sleeper

We live in Canada.

We’ve got the search narrowed to:

  1. Obasan Auberge Mattress (2"Topper with 3" Med - 5"Firm)

  2. Soma Organic Mattress 9" (layers are customizable) we were thinking 3"layers of S-M-F or M-M-F?

  3. Obasan Adult Classic (topper with 2"soft - core is 4" cube system - 2"firm) the cube system places a soft cube at our heads, medium on hips, and firm on feet.

The questions:

  1. Would the Auberge be too firm or an ok firmness for our build/sleeping position) ? Its definitely the best price and our top choice from that perspective.

  2. What would be the ideal layering for our builds/sleeping positions?

  3. We currently have a metal frame with engineered wood slats 2.75" wide with 2.75" space between slats. Is this sufficient support for a latex mattress?

  4. What would be the best option for us from the three listed above.

  5. Any other mattresses or types of mattress that would be recommend for us?


Hello TTZ8,
Welcome to the Mattress Underground!

As you probably already know, our company sells the Obasan models. As you mentioned, their materials are pure and hypoallergenic. Your mattress could be causing your symptoms, but pillows and bedding can sometimes harbor things that cause allergies as well.

  1. The Auberge is a fairly firm mattress, even with the medium layer on top of the firm, since it is made from Dunlop latex. However, the topper does soften things a fair amount. For what it’s worth, I have a similar bed made by Obasan in our guest room. I’ve slept on it for a few nights and have found it quite comfortable. I’m a side sleeper.

  2. If you can go with the Classic, the added customization could ameliorate the shoulder pain, as you could cushion the shoulder and neck area with a soft square. The topper is slightly less thick than the Auberge topper, but you would have more customization underneath. I believe they have a swap-out layer program with that model, so if you need to, you could swap out the squares or the bottom layer if you need more or less firmness. Ask them about the specifics; I’m unsure how many you can swap.

Are you anywhere near an Obasan showroom that you could try them out?

Latex is very durable, and with a topper, it is much less expensive to replace just a topper if you need to refresh the bed.

Also, shoulder and neck pain could be partially caused by your pillow. If you go with an Obasan mattress, purchasing one of their adjustable pillows to go with it may help with the pain, and their hypoallergenic materials may help with allergy symptoms. Getting head and neck alignment right is really important, and an adjustable pillow allows you to do that.

Best of luck to you, and feel free to ask more questions as you go through the process.



Thanks Katie, thats really helpful!

We did try the Obasan Classic and it felt very plush to both of us. Though not sure if this just because we are so used to our firm innerspring.

Unfortunatly there is no Auberge close to us to try but we did try a 3"Med-4"Firm at Soma and it felt nice, though our favourite from Soma was the 9" S-M-F and M-M-F.

How do you think the Auberge would compare to the two options we tried at Soma? Soma uses dunlop as well and I believe is manufactured at Obasan?

But I’ve heard that latex can feel firmer after you’ve spent some time on it so very confused if we shoud go more plush or not?

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The 4" Firm 3" Med is probably closest to the feel of the Auberge if you did not have the topper. The S - M - F 9" could be close, although I would guess that it would feel a little less firm than the Auberge as the support layer at 3" is less support than the 5" Auberge.

I don’t know about latex feeling more firm after a while - I have heard that about memory foam but not about latex, especially dunlop. Dunlop is resilient and keeps its shape pretty well.

We’ve had our latex (Obasan) mattress 3.5 years and it still feels the same as when we got it and is contouring, yet supportive through the night.

I hope that all helps!

Thanks again Katie!

And for the foundation would our metal bedframe with engineered wood slats 2.75in wide with 2.75in space between slats be sufficient or would you recomment something else?

That should be sufficient. We usually say no more than 3 inches apart and 2.5-3-inch wide slats for a latex mattress. In addition, the frame should have a center support for anything Queen size or larger.

Although when you say engineered wood, are you meaning plywood or particle board? Those are not as strong as solid wood. I would check with the people you are buying the mattress from. Also, you can sometimes buy solid wood slats to lay inside the frame to offer more support.

Awesome! Thanks Katie! Yes we do have a middle support. I’ll check with the mattress company but from a quick google search this is the kind of the slats we have (probably not the exact brand but thats the idea):

It’s a good idea to check with where you bought it so they know exactly what you are supporting the mattress with. Latex mattresses are quite heavy, so it is good to have proper support.


Good morning TTZ8,

It looks like the Clean Bedroom has answered most of your questions except this one

  1. Any other mattresses or types of mattress that would be recommend for us?

At MFC we carry 3 models of Organic Dunlop Latex Mattresses
The Unison is similar to the Obasan Auberge, while the Presto is comparable to the Soma Organic 9". They are made with the same quality materials and would feel very similar to what you’re looking for.

Please let me know if you have any questions,



Hi Katie,

Since all the obasan classic mattresses come with a 2in wool topper now, wondering how long i can expect the wool topper to last?

Did your obasan come with one? How did it hold up?

The model we have in our room does not have the topper - it is an older model that we got 3.5 years ago.

I believe the warranty for the topper, if bought separately, is 3 years. Check with the store you are buying from on that.

The wool used in the toppers (and mattresses) is extremely resilient, as it isn’t from domesticated sheep but free-ranging sheep. You can do things to help the topper last longer—flipping and rotating it regularly will help.

The topper helps preserve the mattress. Replacing a topper is much less expensive than replacing a mattress!
I hope that helps!

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