Help find this bed foam model


I got this bed from a family member and can’t seem to find it’s model or brand. Can anyone help finding this bed model ? It has a leaf pattern and is around 10in in height.


I’ve seen that tick used on quite a few products. If there is no law tag sewn into the covering by the zipper, have you tried to unzip the cover and see if there are any markings on the foam layers on the inside? Or perhaps the law tag is sewn on the inside of the cover?

There’s no zipper for the cover, it’s sew. I would have to tear the whole thing out, is there recommended replacement cover you would suggest ?


ping wrote:

If it is sewn then I am doubting that there is a law label tucked in on the inside. At that point if you rip it open I’m guessing you’ll just see a polyurethane foam core and maybe some memory foam on top (looks like a basic memory foam mattress?) but I don’t think that those foam layers will have any identification on them. Sometimes latex layers will have ILD testing tags on them that can help identify the product.

There are resources for those covers and Phoenix has mentioned them in previous posts - you’ll have to do a search for that.

Hi ping,

If you need a new cover for your mattress then some of the better online sources I’m aware of for replacement zip covers are in the component reference post here.