Help finding new mattress to sleep as well as my old- Dreameasy eco-Pur 6000

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I am sorry to hear that he “10” Wellpur F110 (from Jysk)" is not working out for you and that you have back issues and major discomfort when sleeping on it. You are on the right track though by trying to understand its root cause so that you don’t run into a similar issue with another bed.

While the Jysk is transparent and provides the mattress specifications you need to know to make an informed mattress purchase, I wouldn’t say that this is a “top-line” mattress. The (0.8" + 1.2") memory foam comfort layers with a density of 2.8 lbs/cu ft raise a red flag in terms of mattress durability even though your plan only sleep occasionally on it after the first 8 months of use. You are also in a higher BMI range so the memory foam shouldn’t have a density of less than 5 lbs/cuft. If you’re considering staying with some sort of memory foam product, there are some guidelines for purchasing memory foam in On the left are subject matters. post #10 here. specs.JPG

It looks like you’d need to ditch your Bunkie board. Good thinking with placing the mattress on the floor to check if’s contributing to the issue. The mattress does not appear to have “reinforced edge” support so the slight improvement you experienced when sleeping along the edge is primarily due to sleeping in the “shallower” area of the sagging system. As the mattress has “hardly been used” it’s unlikely that the sagging is caused by the foam breaking down but rather by an improper firmness choice, comfort/support balance, and design for your body type and sleeping position.

The number of slats is not as important as the width and the gap between slats. A foundation should be sturdy,
perfectly flat and that there are no parts that are sagging or that are bending under the weight of the mattress and the people sleeping on it. For sizes larger than twins it should have center support and it should provide similar support to having your mattress on the floor

There are quite a few comments of other forum subscribers about Endy mattress that you can see with a quick forum search .Post #1 lists its specs
2" 3 lb gel memory foam
3" 1.8 lb polyfoam
5" 1.8 lb polyfoam
Same for Douglas bed
Top layer - 2" Luxury ecoLight™ Cooling Gel Foam - 2.5lbs and 10 ILD
Middle layer - 2" Premium Elastex™ Foam - 1.8 lbs and 11.5 ILD
The base layer - 6" Motion Isolation Support Foam - 1.8 lbs and 32 ILD

In addition to the durability and higher BMI cautions I’d keep in mind that the design of both mattresses is very similar to your Wellpur so depending on your comfort choice you may end up with the same issues. Also, I’d keep in mind that with memory foam there are differences in response rates and sensitivity to heat that can manipulate the feel, but overall memory foam is a material with low resiliency and high hysteresis and generally wouldn’t be considered by most as “medium-firm”. Also, density and plushness aren’t necessarily correlated with memory foam.

This mattress has been discontinued quite a while back so I wasn’t more successful in finding the eco-Pur 6000 specs. There are a few comments on the 4700 series in post #5 here that you may want to have a look at. Also, you can see the layering of Ecopur 4400 in post #3 here which indicates a layer of polyfoam (probably in the quilting) along with the wool above the 2" of latex.
Is there a reason for your selecting only a memory foam mattress and moving away from the use of latex in your mattress?

All in all, regardless of the mattress type you consider I’d first make sure that you find the mattress specifications you need to know so you can compare the quality of the materials and components to the mattress durability guidelines here

The mattress shopping tutorial here has the basic information, steps, and guidelines including suggestions about how to test a mattress for what is called PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) that can simplify your search and help you make the best possible choices.

Even though you are considering an online purchase with “shipped-in-a-box” delivery I’d recommend you do some local testing and add a new reference point before moving forward