Help! I have buyers remorse....

I bought a Serta iseries Expression mattress and foundation from Mattress Warehouse in Lynchburg, VA. It’s supposed to be delivered on Saturday but after looking over your website, I’m wondering if I’ve made a expensive mistake.

Can you recommend a better alternative in my area (zip code 24551)?

YOu did not make a mistake, You went in tried out a mattress you liked and purchased it. This website is what it is there are a heck of a lot of satisfied Serta iseries cutomers. This site is more for people who really analyze every possible aspect of a mattress purchase but in some instances overlooks the most important thing and that is what you have tried and have liked. The best mattress is the one you get a good nights sleep on period.

Hi springandmac,

I’m glad you found us and I hope you have some recourse if some extra research (into the materials in your mattress and in testing other alternatives) shows that you have better options that would better fit your needs and preferences … and your budget.

Post #3 here (Central Virginia, Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Waynesboro) and post #5 here (Roanoke, Christiansburg) includes the better options in your area that I’m aware of.


Hi JoeyTOB,

Under this line of reasoning it would be practically impossible to make a mistake at all when you are buying a mattress.

This is also the same line of reasoning … that doesn’t take into account the quality of the materials in a mattress … that the mass market outlets and chain stores (and the major brands) rely on to sell their mattresses.

Even the cheapest materials can make very comfortable mattresses in the managed and highly subjective environment of a “typical” showroom floor. The problem is that these lower quality materials won’t feel the same way in a year from now and don’t justify the prices that are charged.

I think it goes without saying that the most important part of a mattress is that it fits someones needs and preferences but to suggest that the “best” mattress is the one where someone gets a good nights sleep (when someone hasn’t even slept on it yet), when there are many which would be provide this in all price ranges, without taking into account the quality of materials, the relative value of the materials, or how long the mattress will maintain its comfort and support or provide the qualities that can’t be tested in a showroom is exactly the reason that so many low quality mattresses are being sold to consumers who have no way to know any better.

This site is for those who want to connect with the manufacturers and better retailers in their area or online that provide the best quality, value, and service and don’t rely on massive advertising, marketing stories, and sales techniques to sell their mattresses. While it also includes enough information that someone can do all the research they may wish to do for those who wish to go in this direction … the primary purpose is to connect more “educated” consumers with the “experts” in their area who already know what they would otherwise need to learn and to know enough to tell the difference and be able to make meaningful comparisons between mattresses.

To diminish the value of every consumer educating themselves enough to know when they may have made a mistake or to suggest that the only factor in a mattress purchase is how well you sleep on it regardless of what is in it, how long it will last, or it’s relative value compared to other mattresses that may feel just as good in a showroom and have better quality and value is doing nobody any favors and only perpetuates the current industry environment where advertising, marketing stories, and sales techniques are more important than meaningful information and real value IMO.


Yes, I agree my only point was this gentleman had tested a mattress he is comfortable with but ran across this site and to let him know that regardless of what he read here there are a lot of satisfied iseries customers. that was the only message. And again I state coming from a manufacturing backgound the products are put togethor well with the materials they use. Thats it Phoenix just becouse I dont agree with you doesnt mean there has to be a long conflict email as a response. You kind of bully people when they dont agree competely with you.

Hi JoeyTOB,

If you call educating people so that they can make better choices “bullying” then I would suggest a reality check. These kinds of inflammatory “accusations” are also the type of posts that I warned you about earlier that will result in being banned from this forum.

I enjoy differences in opinions and it is part of the value of every public forum … and each person can make up their own minds which opinions and set of facts are important to them. To suggest that people who are satisfied with a mattress regardless of what is in it should never re-evaluate their purchase if that is possible only perpetuates most if the problems in this industry where mass market retailers and manufacturers take advantage of the lack of meaningful information available to consumers.

As a more extreme example … are you really suggesting that if someone tests a mattress that is made primarily of 1.2 lb polyfoam with a really nice cover, is “well put together or glued”, and that sells for $1500 or more would be a good choice if someone tests it in a showroom and it feels “comfortable”? Would this be a “mistake” that should be re-considered when and if there is still recourse no matter where it was purchased from in the face of new information that comes to light?

While the purchase of an iComfort is not as extreme as this … there is no doubt that the materials they use and the “weak link” in these mattresses don’t justify their prices compared to other mattresses that may be just as “comfortable” and that use better quality materials that will last longer. You can see for yourself in post #11 here the quality of some of the materials they use in both the iComfort line and the iSeries line. This is not based on “opinions” but is factual information that every consumer deserves to know before buying a mattress (or deciding whether to reconsider a purchase).

This forum is dedicated to providing consumers with meaningful information that they can take into account when buying a mattress and choosing an outlet so they can decide on their own “value equation” for themselves. You are a retailer with your own business dedicated to selling mattresses and because your opinions carry more weight because of this … misinformation that you post or advice that is inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading will be “challenged”. You are free to disagree and provide the basis for your disagreement … you are not free to engage in personal attacks when this happens. This is not personal. You have been warned on several occasions (including post #36 and 38 here) though about personal attacks and accusations against other forum members or me (such as accusations of “bullying” and others you have made in many of your posts) and if your replies cross this line one more time … the rope you have been given (and has continued to stretch) will break and you will be banned.


See that is where I think you are seeing things in a way not intended. I hate to see anyone feel bad about a purchase, as you know I am not an iseries fan but for different reason than you. So I just attemped to tell the original poster that there were a whole lot of satisfied customers that are satisfied with what they have. That was it. Then you wrote him an email about if he has recourse he should take it which should he not he is going to feel terrible. You then wrote me a big lonng email which is why I said I felt bullied not the users. Hope that clears up the point. Its you forum you can ban me if you like but to me that would hurt you as people would eventually see there is not open discussions on here… your call.

Hi JoeyTOB,

You’re correct it is my call and because this is the last option I would choose … it’s why I have given you as much rope as I have.

When you make a post (like your original post in this thread) and I or anyone replies in a way that clearly doesn’t agree with you … then if you refrain from making personal accusations and stick to stating your own opinions or bring some facts to light that may not have been considered or that help make clear the reasons “why” you believe what you do … then you will be fine. To suggest that providing you or someone else with information that may lead to them changing their mind if possible is the same as “making them feel terrible” or “bullying” is just not accurate and would lead to many people confirming a decision regardless of what they may discover after the purchase.

This forum is dedicated to providing more meaningful and accurate information than may otherwise be available to a consumer. If you disagree with the information that is given here … that’s always welcome … and I encourage you to add your POV to the forum. If you as a retailer of mattresses however present your opinions as being “black and white” and state them as “facts” or they are misleading (in my or any other person’s opinion who may choose to reply to you) and it contradicts evidence that is available and isn’t supported by facts or doesn’t present a complete picture … then I will always reply and encourage others to do the same.

If posts that contradict your opinions make you “feel bullied” … then this may happen a lot both in this forum and in life itself. It is not acceptable here to then turn around and accuse someone else of “bullying” based on your feelings that are misinterpreting what has really happened. How you feel and what has really happened can be two completely different things and “hurt feelings” are not a justification for a personal attack … at least in this forum. Bringing better arguments to bear about the subject at hand instead of making unjustified accusations that contradicts the evidence of hundreds or even thousands of posts is a more effective approach.


Phoenix doesn’t need my help in defending this website, but IMO you are way out of line here.

This website provides factual information about the construction of mattresses, from all makers and manufacturers. It is obvious that he prefers independent brands and manufacturers, but he has sound reasoning behind that opinion. What the individual consumer actually does with the information is up to them. Phoenix has always espoused doing your own research and has suggested that a person should try out a variety of models so you can make your own determination about what works best.

Following your line of thinking, if I walk in to Best Buy shopping for a TV, I can just look for the model with the best picture being displayed, buy it, and walk out the store. In the real world, that could result in making a huge mistake if you haven’t done a little research into the reliability of particular brands, pricing ranges, what the technologies are, and how retailers configure the sets they display in the store (typically in a way you could never do long-term in your home without burning up the set). The same philosophy could be applied to a plethora of consumer items. An informed consumer is an empowered consumer and a retailer’s worst nightmare.

If you don’t agree with the opinions expressed on this site, why hang around? I am an Alabama football fan, I don’t frequent Auburn message boards. I have a particular political philosophy, I don’t go to boards that are the polar opposite of my beliefs. I don’t know a lot about your history here, but it is evident from this one thread that you have been at odds with this site in the past. It never ceases to amaze me why an individual continues to frequent a place that offers opinions they don’t agree with, unless it is to cause dissension and upheaval. Hmmmm.

To the OP, if you are concerned about the quality of the materials used in the Serta Mattress you purchased (or in the other national brands), join the club. You may very well end up being happy with the mattress, but only time will tell you, and many people experience significant breakdown of the presumably low quality materials in these mattresses in only a few short years. The goal for most of us here is to find something made of high quality, durable materials that will remain comfortable for 10+ years for around the same price as the traditional mass market mattress. Quite often, this can be found from a smaller, locally based manufacturer and/or retailer. If not, there are online options as well.

How can you possibly state these mattresses are “put together well with the materials they use” when no one knows what materials the major manufacturers use?

Outside of generic descriptive statements of foam types (i.e., “Cool Action Gel Memory Foam”) they don’t publicize any real specifications for the materials they use. Consequently, anyone who is interested in comparing materials and estimating potential durability and longevity is unable to do so because these specs are not made available.

You repeatedly accuse Phoenix of posting incorrect and misleading information, and yet you are the one making all the unverifiable, misleading statements. Quite frankly, I think you do your business a disservice with your unsound arguments, poorly written statements that have crossed the line into “trolling” on several occasions, and the sour attitude displayed in other threads.

I actually do agree with many of the opinions on this site however, I have actually seen inferior products recommended. In this case I just tried to comfort the original poster that 1,000s of people have purchase iseries and are perfectly happy, if they were not so many more would not be purchased. Thats it. My only message to people is this site is great and phoenix offers good info but dont take as the gospel there are a lot of conflicting information to what he provides. I aplogize if that sounds like a conflict but rather a realistic perspective on things. Roll tide…

Hi JoeyTOB,

I would suggest you read post #38 here which talks about the manufacturers I do recommend (you can see them here) and the difference between these and some of the many posts around the forum which list other manufacturers or retail stores as “possibilities” that need more research into their products or materials to determine their relative value. There are others yet included in many posts that list retail outlets and manufacturers that I know better and quite openly state that I think highly of them based on their knowledge, service, the materials they use in their mattresses and their relative value compared to others in the same price range. I list value and “possibilities” where I or consumers may find it wherever and whenever I see it. Your own store is one of these “possibilities” that are “listed” in the forum.

You have often mentioned Corsicana on many occasions as one of my “recommendations” for example when we both know they are not the highest quality mattress available and you will not find a post or mine anywhere on this forum that “recommends” them as a brand. If I leave this implication unchallenged (that I do) … then those who only read your posts may believe that I actually do “recommend” them and they should buy them based on brand when that is the last thing I would suggest and goes against everything on this site which is about how a mattress is only as good as its materials and construction. They are a “possibility” though inside certain budget ranges and are better quality and value than other major manufacturers in their price range which use similar materials and sell for more. You may be confusing quality (which is one part of value) and value itself (which has many components and is relative to someone’s budget) and when you “quote” something I say out of context or incorrectly … it (and you) needs to be corrected. A mattress that sells for a few hundred dollars may have better value than another that uses similar materials that sells for twice the price even though both are lower quality than a mattress that legitimately sells for several thousand.

“Comforting” someone when they may still have better options available based on the fact that thousands of people have purchased a mattress that unfortunately didn’t know any better or have accurate information about how to make more factual or meaningful comparisons and who may still “like” the showroom feel doesn’t do anyone any favors. What about the next few thousand that may go in the same direction based on the “weight” of your suggestion to keep it. They were not “perfectly happy” or they wouldn’t have posted on the forum … and they have good reason not to be regardless of how many people have been misled by the marketing campaigns or the stores that sell them.

I am the first to recognize that there is no such thing as “gospel” when it comes it mattresses which is why I welcome posts that “challenge” my opinions and thoughts. This is how we all learn and keep our learning curves going. This is also the very reason I started this site and is exactly why I provide the reasons behind what I post rather than making blanket statements with no substance behind them to support what I am saying. I am the last person who wants anyone to believe me or you or anyone based on “faith” and the goal of the site is to provide the knowledge that either connects consumers with “mattress people” who already know what they would otherwise need to learn and sell high quality/value mattresses or to provide them with accurate information and bypass the more biased and misleading information that tends to come from people who only promote or recognize the value of what they sell to the detriment of all other choices (no matter where they may come from). In other words … the goal is to inform and “empower” people to make up their own mind based on facts and meaningful comparisons instead of the overwhelming amount of misleading and inaccurate information that comes from all sides in this industry.

If you can contribute to this process based on real information and refrain from the personal attacks you have been engaging in up till now … then your posts are certainly welcome. Be prepared though to give reasons for what you say and some of the factual information or “specs” behind your statements, rather than just post blanket statements that only favor the types of mattresses you sell (like all Chinese or Asian mattresses are “bad” because they are Chinese or Asian or because other Chinese manufacturers are “bad” they must all be bad).

Your last post (saying that nobody should take anything i say as “gospel”) is an example of this … reinforces what I have said in dozens of posts … and is welcome.


OK let me just restate my answer to the original poster to be clear. Dear orginial poster, I think if you tried the iseries and liked it and are happy with the price you will be happy with it as 1,000s of other iseries customers are. Not sure that could step on anyone’s toes.

Hi JoeyTOB,

This doesn’t step on anyone’s toes … but they would certainly have to ignore the information they have read here to remain happy with a mattress in light of new information that it clearly uses lower quality materials than other mattresses in its price range … no matter what thousands of other people may have believed. It also doesn’t take into account how they may feel in a year or several years from now when the lower quality materials begin to soften and break down prematurely.

If they still have recourse … and now that they do have more meaningful information available … it would certainly make a lot of sense to me to cancel the order (if possible) and look at other alternatives rather than “locking in” a purchase that wasn’t necessary or was purchased in spite of the information that they weren’t originally able to take into account in their decision.


You haven’t demonstrated that much.

Inferior to what? Phoenix rarely offers “recommendations” for specific products. He tries to give people the info necessary to make their own educated decisions on what is best for them within their budgets.

If someone has a budget of $500 for a memory foam mattress, you cannot point them to a $2,000 Tempurpedic. They can’t afford it no matter how good it may be. Therefore, Phoenix attempts to point them in the direction of the product lines that are the best quality within the person’s budget so that the person can make an educated decision about quality vs. price.

But the poster wasn’t looking for comfort. He or she was looking for information about “better” alternatives. You yourself said you didn’t think much of the iSeries, and yet you offered no alternatives, only reassurance with no real evidence to back it up.

Perhaps thousands of people are happy with their iSeries mattresses, but you can’t state that as fact. There is no way to know without doing a detailed survey of customers who bought them. I think the numerous complaints that have been surfacing online over the past few years is better evidence that the quality of the materials in the mattresses of the major manufacturers is falling.

Those numerous complaints are what drive people to this site, including me. It seemed so many of the models I had seen in national retailers had horrendous reviews online, the only real outlet people have to voice their complaints about mattresses. My own friends were suffering with a very expensive “top of the line” Simmons Beauty Rest that was only 5 years old and already causing them great discomfort even though they raved about it when they first bought it. I didn’t even realize there were local manufacturers until I started rooting around online for info about mattresses and even the history of the mattress!

Yet, many of your posts seemed written to provoke rather than to spur discussion.

Such as?

Doesn’t sound realistic to me. You haven’t provided evidence to back up anything you say. What “perspective” are you offering other than one of conflict?

That is the entire problem. You could walk into almost any mattress store and find a mattress that feels good for the 15 minutes you lay on it. Regardless of inferior construction materials and production quality, any mattress will feel fine in the store. It may even feel fine for 30 days, 90 days or a year. But at some point the inferior materials and production quality will show up and the mattress will become uncomfortable and unusable.

All any consumer can do is form an educated opinion about a potential purchase and hope they were right. At the very least, they will increase their chances of making the right choice if they conduct some research and testing. Nobody is going to buy a mattress that is wholly uncomfortable, but constructed of the best materials and put together with the finest craftsmanship, but it is entirely possible to find one that is comfortable AND well constructed.

Again, I think you miss my point. The original poster posted he was having buyer remorse… All I said was was that a lot of people were happy with it. I never commented on anything other than that. Just an effert is someone was locked into a purchase not to make them feel like the earth is ending tomorrow.

Yeah…but…saying there are a lot of people happy with a particular mattress is like saying there are a lot of thirsty people in a bar. Sure, they may be thirsty now. Sooner or later, they aren’t gonna be thirsty anymore. The issue with value is not whether someone is happy with the mattress. The issue is how long they will be happy with the mattress and whether that length of time justifies the price paid. We can conclude that some mattresses last longer than others and that a consumer will be happier longer based on materials and construction. That’s the basic value equation.

V = (m + c) / t

Anyone care to refine this equation? I’m not a pro mathematician.

Basically, I don’t think “comforting” someone is helpful. Giving them information they didn’t have before would be helpful. For instance, if you said, “that mattress is made with so-and-so type of material which typically lasts x number of years before needing replacement,” it would be helpful.