Help in Colorado

Great site!

I am looking for advise on where to mattress shop in Denver Colorado. I live in the mountains (80498) but Denver is the nearest big city at about an hour away.
My my wife and I are looking for a new mattress and are already turned off by the big name brands. We had a Sealy posturepedic that sagged horribly after about 3 years. Now we have a Verlow for 3 1/2 years that is a fairly cheap ($350 for a queen) 2 sided mattress. The body depressions aren’t too bad but it has become pretty unsupportive and the slightest movement makes the whole bed jiggle.
It is also making my lower back sore.

We are looking to upgrade to a king size and want something firm, supportive, good movement isolation and not too expensive (under $1200).
We also want to get a real bed frame or platform bed. We are over the basic steel frame on wheels.

Please help.


I found your site because I was looking for reviews on a Sealy Optimum destiny.
We went to the only local mattress store(mattress king) and that was the bed that felt “descent”.
The guy said he would sell it for $1000 . Mattress only.

That was the only bed that we liked. Most of the others felt squishy or unsupportive.


Hi Ptarmingan,

Some of the better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the Denver area are in post #2 here.

The steps and links to information in the linked post after my signature should also be helpful to give you some basic information so you can know when you are dealing with more knowledgeable people who are comfortable with talking about and educating you about the details of the materials in their mattresses.

No matter where you buy … make sure you only consider mattresses where you can find out the details and quality of all the layers. This should include the density of any polyfoam and memory foam layers and the type and blend of any latex layers. This is the only way that you can make meaningful quality and value comparisons with other mattresses.

Feel free to post with any questions you may have along the way and most of all make sure you ask lots of questions and spend at least 15 minutes completely relaxed in all your sleeping positions on any mattress you are seriously considering.


Thanks for the reply.

I looked at My Sleep Nation and they seem like a really good place.
I honestly did not know about any alternatives to buying a major brand mattress.

My wife and I have 2 young children so we don’t have the time or luxury of going to a bunch of different mattress stores.
We will be going to the store this weekend, I will post back with what we decide on buying.

I read your origin story and really appreciate what you are doing!!

Your site has a huge amount of info. Do you have a page or directory that lists your member retailers and suggested retailers listed State by State.


Hi Ptarmingan,

The member list is here.

There isn’t a state by state list no but there are many lists throughout the forum which covers almost every area in the US and Canada that list the better options and possibilities I’m aware of by city (usually within a 50 mile radius or so). A forum search (using the search tab) will usually bring them up. I would make sure you set the time in “find forum posts from” to anytime and I would set the number of results to 20 to make sure you catch the ones that haven’t been referenced in a while and to make scanning the post easier.

If you have any trouble finding the one you want just post your city or zip and I’d be happy to point you in the right direction.



I ordered a mattress.

All the info on this site was a big help.

We went to My Sleep Nation. This was a very good mattress buying experiance. No pressure and helpfull staff.

We are getting the Sleep Nation- Wazee Street 12". (made for Sleep Nation by Thera-Pedic)
It was a choice between two mattresses.

  1. Pure Latex Bliss- Nature, 10" with a 6" 36 ild base and two 2" comfort layers, 34 and 32 ild.

  2. Sleep Nation- Wazee Street, 12" all Talalay latex with a 6" 38 ild base and a 6" 34 ild comfort layer.

Both mattresses felt very supportive and comfortable but the Sleep Nation just felt a bit more plush. I was worried that the PLB might be a bit too firm for me.

I hope that I made the right choice. I will have to report back here after we have slept on it for a while.
We went way over budget but I realized that the all latex mattresses are in a league of their own.

Im not getting my mattress delivered for another 10 days as im waiting for a new bed frame also. I cant wait!

Many Thanks

Hi Ptarmingon,

Your mattress sounds great and with 12" of firmer latex on top it would certainly be adaptive to different sleeping positions and weights as well as being very durable.

To my knowledge the Nature actually uses softer layering on top (21 ILD over 28 ILD) but the thicker top layer in the Wazee Street gives it its softness. Sometimes with all the attention on ILD itself the other factors that are just as big a part of “softness” such as layer thickness and the type and compression modulus of the latex is often forgotten. Your experience is a good example of that.

I also think highly of Shawn there and his knowledge of mattresses and materials.

I’m looking forward to your feedback once you’ve had the chance to sleep on it.

Most of all … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:



So we went with the Sleep nation Wazee 12" latex.
We have been on it for nearly 3 weeks now and it is starting to get broken in nicely. I can still feel that the middle is a bit firmer where we don’t sleep on that bit quite so much. It is pretty firm very supportive but still very comfortable.

My Sleep Nation are a good option for anyone within range of Denver CO.

Phoenix. Thanks for a great forum. I truly wish you all the best with this site. If you are ever in the CO mountains (skiing) give me a shout. I’ll buy you a beer!!

Hi Ptarmingan,

Congratulations on your new mattress. I think you made a good choice :slight_smile:

I still have memories about the first (and last) time I went skiing with my kids. They mock me to this day about easing out of the chair lift and then yelling at everyone around me “get out of my way I can’t stop!”

Then to make matters worse … they tricked me into going down a steep hill with the oh so encouraging words “c’mon dad … you can do it”. Everyone else gets sore legs. I get a sore bum sliding down hills on my rear :ohmy: .

The beer sure does sound great though. Thanks for the kind words.