Help in finding a more affordable option

Got a little update. Did another trip to try the McRoskeys and we changed our mind and ended up preferring the Sunset. Having never had a plush mattress like the Gentle Cole Valley, it seems safer to go with the firmer Sunset and add a topper if need be in 6 months to a year. I can get a sore back on some plush mattresses and don’t want to risk it.

The Sunset also had a little less motion transfer and we were able lie closer to one another without it feeling like our combined body weights were making a dip – which seems like just a natural effect of any kind of plusher mattress so it’s not a knock on the Cole Valley, which seems great.

We’re visiting family in the LA area for Thanksgiving and so we visited Custom Comfort, which was also really high quality. We liked the Rutherford and Calistoga, which both have pocket coils and were shown with their 4" topper – but they were also nice without the topper, the Rutherford in particular being a little more plush and a more viable option without the topper.

ViSpring was close by so we popped back in there. They have a great promotion right now of 20 percent off plus a free topper. The Coronet with a topper was nice but I think the Rutherford may have slightly edged it out. Both were definitely very comfortable. Even with the sale, though, I’d really like to spend closer to $5k than $10k if I can avoid it.

That puts the Sunset as comparable comfort and a lower price. One question on my mind is how the Sunset will hold up over time. It looks like it’s mostly cotton with one layer of wool as a fire protection layer. I’m told that cotton will compress and become firmer over time. If anyone has any experience with the Sunset long-term that would be great. I like how quiet (non-bouncy) it feels and looking at a cross-section cut out, it seems similar to mattresses that are $3-4k more.

I will say that stores in New York could learn something from stores in LA: here they give you a pillow in a fresh pillowcase to take around with you. In New York, you often get a square of a paper-towel-like thing that doesn’t even cover the full pillow! Nothing says “luxury mattress experience” like a scratchy sanitary strip that’s covering only half your face…

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Hey owl_burrito,
Congratulatons on your choice for new mattress. It was hard to really see what that mattress is made of as they dont really list the components and specs. Just for sanity purposes, just check the mico coils and their height and position in the mattress. After seeing the Beautyrest get opened up, I am paranoid about gratuitous use of MC’s. From what I understand, McRoskeys has a good reputation. Remember they have a similar maintenance schedule, much like Shifman (General 6 — McRoskey).
I would definitely follow that schedule.
Also, being an East Coaster from the Garden State, I have no particular loyalty to NY, but if it were me, I would be taking my own pillow, particularly the one, I plan on using when I sleep on my new mattress. Just throw on a cheap pillow case for the ride! I am a pillow fanatic, and I strongly believe a great pillow completes the sleep system. So why not test the mattress with the pillow you will be using!

Good luck with it all, you must be exhausted by now!

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Hey Norm, I just got off the phone with someone here in California who seemed quite knowledgeable who echoed your concerns about the composition of the McRoskeys and thought that some of the materials they use to wrap their coils are not as natural as one would hope. Feeling like I’m back to square one lol. :man_shrugging:

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My concern is not so much the natural nature of the material used to wrap the coils, but the micro coils themselves. If for example they are using something like quality Hickory Springs MC’s that are 1-1/2" or some other quality micro coil to replace a memory foam layer that would otherwise generate a lot of heat when sleeping, then from my perspective, that would be fine. I would just hate to see .25 or .50" gratuitously added MC’s just to build the coil count of the mattress. If those MC’s are used to replace heat packing memory foam layers, I think that would be ok, as long as you are comfortable on the mattress. I have not done enough research on the covering used being natural vs synthetic. Of course, natural fibers are generally the better more breathable choice, but perhaps another TM can chime in on the material issue. Clearly using a cotton based coil cover would be more expensive, but the only thing I can think of aside from the fact one is natural and the other is synthetic, is the ability to allow air to flow.
I would not give up on it just yet, until you get all the answers.

***BTW What was the cost of the CH Beckley Bristol vs the Mcroskey’s Sunset and Cole Valley. If you feel comfortable revealing.
The Bristol sounds like an awesome mattress.

Wait a sec, I think I read your post incorrectly. I thought you settled on the Cole Valley, which has the mico coils, but you said you settled on the Sunset, which is a different construction. So, the micro coil concern may be a moot point.

You settled or were leaning toward the firmer Sunset rather than the less firm Cole Valley, correct? My error is so. But, I still stand by my, “bring your own pillow!:bed::flushed::wink:

That doesnt seem bad at all (the sunset).

Sunset Mattress Overview

Also, just in case, I will throw one more option at you.

The Cleanbedroom Proprietary Mattress

Haha well introducing a pillow to the subway brings along its own set of considerations :grinning:.

Yep was leaning toward the Sunset for its better price point, less motion transfer and the fact that I am more used to that level of tension.

I ended up emailing McRoskey, asking about concerns about their cotton compressing and becoming firmer over time. They said they have seen some compression and recommended the Hayes Valley as an alternative that “does not have the cotton.” A bit of a confusing answer since all of their models list cotton on their website…

That other mattress is an interesting option norm but definitely trying to avoid something that is too firm.

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That Hayes Valley retails for close to 11k in a king. It uses microcoils, so you need to ask those questions again. Everyone judges comfort differently. I wouldn’t be too quick to judge that clean bedroom mattress. It is a trusted member #the clean bedroom’s propriatary brand. I would send Brian from Profile - TheCleanBedroom - Mattress Underground and ask him about firmness options. It seems to check a lot of boxes.

Hey, it’s just a suggestion. Just wishing you the best!

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Suggestions much appreciated! I’ll see if they have something other than the extra firm.


Here’s a handy chart for folks looking to understand more of the layers on the different McRoskey models. There’s more wool in the Sunset than I thought. The coils are wrapped in polypropylene which they said is the only synthetic component. Maybe this answers some of your questions around heat Norm but curious to hear your thoughts.

@Norm I missed your question on the price on the Bristol vs Sunset and Cole. These prices are from memory so take them as ballbpark for a queen size… The Bristol (mattress + active box spring with legs) came to around $5,500 with an optional topper for around $1,200 depending on wool vs goosedown. The Bristol really is a good value.

The Sunset with an active box spring is around $6,500 IIRC and the Cole Valley was around $13,500, also including active box spring.

Lot of choices out there!

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So they basically all use the 15g 6" coil unit. The hayes valley looks like it would be your comfort level, but what gets me is how they choose to tell you the specs on some things and not others. In the pacific heights they tell you the nano coil is 1" but dont say in the Hayes. I will assume the layers are the same in each (a fairly big assumption) but they still dont tell you how thick each layer is.
But based on the diagram, the hayes looks like it is your speed.
Not sure why they need the nano coil in the mattress, even if it is 1" coils, as the talalay will offer some pressure relief, albeit only 1". My guess is they use the Alpaca as an outer layer, because alpaca wicks moisture, but does not absorb it, plus it is a stronger higher tensile strength fiber as compared to wool.

As I mentioned, I am not as concerned about the coil wrapping material, although natural fibers do breath well so you get more air circulation. Plus on an expensive mattress, I guess you just expect natural fibers. At least some of the mattresses are in the 5k range as apposed to the Cole Valley at 13500. That was why I pointed towards that CleanBedroom one as it had good components and it the price range.

I dont remember you mentioning the Hayes Valley and I dont know where that falls on the $$$ scale.

Hope you can sort it all out!

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Hi! I read through this VERY informative thread as my husband and I are looking to get a new mattress as well. He recently had a spinal issue that landed him in the ER (bulged discs… pretty bad!) and I have scoliosis and some degenerative discs and sort of ongoing back pain. We currently have a nest, Alexander, soft mattress that is almost 7 years old. While it’s very comfortable, we think that it’s probably not supportive enough for our needs. I’m an interior designer and I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Duxiana mattresses. I’m curious in reading through all of the posts how you are feeling about the Duxiana after testing all of the other options. I know that there was a price concern which is also what I’m grappling with myself, but some of these later options that you’ve tested seem to price beyond the 3003.

Any insight you or batman norm (?) could share would be so appreciated! At a high-level, I like the idea of the Pascal cassettes that could be changed between my husband and myself on our respective sides of the bed. I am a side and back sleeper as is he. We have an appx 60lb difference in our weight. I also really hate a hard mattress. I feel like my hips mess up my spine and don’t curve with my back appropriately.

Many thanks!!!

I’m glad you found it helpful! I’m sorry to hear about the ER visit and the back pain. Of the Duxiana, I remember preferring the 6006 to the 3003 because it had a feeling of conforming to my body shape a bit better than the 3003. But for your purposes, maybe that would translate into the 6006 being too soft and thus less support than what you’re looking for. I learned it’s difficult to know which words are the best, though, since sometimes a mattress felt more “supportive” while also being slightly “plusher.” I really just had to try them and lay in them for a while. (Norm’s advice!)

On the cassette system, it seemed really neat. My partner and I are both about the same body weight and fairly stable, though, so we felt like we weren’t going to get much out of it. But, I could see that system being really useful for the situation you describe and also for having the flexibility to adjust the hardness over time or if your back is acting up in particular ways one week and it may need something harder/softer.

I think overall, their materials seemed really nice with natural materials. I also really liked that their frame came with legs. It was a really stable, clean aesthetic that didn’t require an additional frame. If there’s a store near you, it would definitely be worth trying out. Depending on your price range, they also had a fancier model with a crank for adjustable lumbar support, which could be something that works for you two.

Separately, I’ve been meaning to post since we made a decision! We ended up going with the ViSpring Coronet with the Opulence topper. I was going to wait for it to arrive and to have a few nights on it before posting. We ended up getting a great Black Friday deal on it that made the value for the money seemingly too good to pass up and ended up being one of the most affordable, too, in just the absolute number.

What led to this one? After trying so many, there really were a lot of great options. The ViSpring edged out the McRoskey in just a few ways and, by all means, take my experience with a grain of salt. We had to choose one but it doesn’t mean it was the end-all-be-all decision for everyone and it had a lot to do with the final deal we got.

In the end, it came down to comfort, price and value (not surprising given the title of this thread). The McRoskey’s don’t really go on sale and we were able to get a great deal on the ViSpring that ended up being comparable in price while including a topper that typically goes for $3k-$4k, plus a finished base that fits the room really well. I previously wrote that I thought the Rutherford with a latex topper was a nicer feeling than the Coronet but after another test, I preferred the Coronet + topper.

The price tag was still more than I expected to spend at the start of this process so the fact that we were getting a discount really helped justify the decision in my mind. Seeing how other brands go on sale for 20, 30 or 40 even percent off, it seemed silly to pay near the regular price.

We went back and forth on whether a topper was a good idea and I see both arguments. On the one hand, they definitely add a more body-conforming, comfy experience. On the other, it’s a possible expense down the road in 8-10 years. In fact, one of the selling points of the McRoskey was it felt comfortable without a topper. So time will be the judge on how it is to sleep on. I do like the idea that we can change the feel by adding/removing it if need be. It’s probably one of those decisions that you could rationalize after the fact either way. But since the prices were comparable, seemed like a great option and addition to have.

Another difference was the fact that the McRoskey doesn’t come with legs, even though it’s pictured on their website with them. The folks at Longs Bedding were very accommodating though and offered to source and attach them for a small charge. (Highly recommend going to Longs if you’re in New York! They are super knowledgeable and they had a great selection.) It did add a cost, though, to a setup that was already not really discounted whereas with the ViSpring it came standard and included the box spring fabric fits our room better than the McRoskey gray.

As Norm mentioned, I feel like the Hayes Valley was maybe a better long-term option than the Sunset – but it was too expensive. I was a little hesitant about the durability of the Sunset since the McRoskey people said that it will pack down and become harder over time because it has a lot of cotton and thus lacks the springiness of latex or stiffer fibers like horsehair. It may be a negligible difference in the end (and certainly solvable with a topper) but I couldn’t find any long-term reviews to know.

In terms of general brand quality, it was very murky to navigate. Of McRoskey and ViSpring we heard the exact same negative info: Their manufacturing quality has decreased and they are more interested in higher prices than higher quality. We also heard the exact opposite about both: Their owners care more about quality than the other one does and their build quality has actually improved. That was definitely confusing and beyond my ability to adjudicate! I did like how transparent the ViSpring catalog was (download it from their website as a PDF) and how it included comparisons about each of their models’ layers and their process in general.

The ViSpring comes with a 30 year warranty although we did hear from someone that warranties generally only cover issues that are likely to show themselves in the first 10 years like manufacturing defects. So it’s some peace of mind but not without a possible caveat. Reading about people’s experience with the brand, though, it seems they stand by their product. I had a really great experience with the guy in the store and have confidence that I can go to him if anything weird happens.

@Maverick I did actually find a pillow I liked! Maybe even worth taking on the subway with me :slight_smile: I had no idea about latex before going on this adventure and liked its natural springy qualities. I didn’t find an all-latex mattress I liked but I saw Custom Comforts made latex pillows. I ended up really liking their molded latex pillow. It has this great weightless feeling to it that I’ve never experienced in a pillow. It’s also rather cool because it has holes in it. With a normal feather pillow, your head forms a U-shaped depression and if you move, you may not be well cradled in the bottom of that U. With this latex one, it forms a supportive U wherever you put your head. Very neat! I also got their shredded travel pillow to use as a knee / hug pillow.

If you’re in the LA-area, Custom Comfort is definitely worth a visit. As mentioned above, I thought their Rutherford and Calistoga mattresses were really nice. For anyone who likes a firmer mattress, they had a latex hybrid in the window that my brother really liked and it was less than $1,000 for a Queen. It may have been the Catalina. Definitely a lot of neat things to check out there.

We didn’t end up being able to make it out to try Shovlin or Orange in New Jersey – the Thanksgiving schedule was too tight and it was about a 4 hour round-trip journey that we couldn’t fit in. So there could be great options for people there. If I’m ever in the area, I may try just out of curiosity.

I’ll post a review in maybe a month or so to see how everything goes. Thanks again for everyone’s help in navigating this! Pretty interesting that we started off at ViSpring and took a while to come back to it. If I remember correctly, we were only shown super expensive models on our first visit ($20k+) and it just seemed like a non-starter. If I could sum up a strategy for anyone feeling in despair I would say:

  1. Find out what materials you find most comfortable (foam, latex, hybrid or spring with wool or other natural materials). All of these had quite different qualitative differences to me and we both consistently preferred pocket springs and disliked foam.
  2. See what you experience lying on the bed. We learned over time that we liked something that felt more solid than bouncy, for example. Originally, we thought we wanted something as plush as the 2000T but then retreated to a safer option that was similar to what we currently have but still an improvement on comfort. We didn’t know how happy our bodies would be on something so plush.
  3. Try and find something that matches your preference in your price range and hopefully you get a deal at the same time. If you’re not in a time crunch, keep your eye on clearance sales. Especially if you want a split-tension King, it seems there are a lot of floor model sales that come around. Either way, seems like a lot of people can make some deals within reason.
  4. We don’t have an existing bed frame so something with built-in legs was a much cleaner option and saved the expense of an additional item.

In the end, I feel pretty confidant I got something that didn’t sacrifice on comfort and quality and if I’m happy with it for a number of years, will be definitely worth the price.


Dont know if this helps……but in an obscure youtube comment….the commenter felt that the Hastens 2000T was “too hard” and the Duxiana felt softer. That definitely made me interested. I havent made it out to Duxiana yet.


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A much cheaper (and high value) option would be Flobeds VZone. You can customize the top layer of latex and you can customize each layer too. Also….if you are a couple….each side could be customized.


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Hey, Owl_burritoson (in my Mr. Miyagi voice. Lol)

Very nice! That is a beautiful mattress! Use it in the best of health. I’m so happy for you!

Great assessment of the Duxianna.

I can’t wait to get the one month in or the vispring. That topper is like its own mattress! That is going to be like sleeping on a very supportive cloud. Just wow.

Good luck with the pillows, too. Nice play with the travel pillow! A comfortable pillow can and will make all the difference. If you find that there is too much bounce or spring in the pillow, no worries. Take a peek at trusted member BSC iris pillow cover. It falls right in line with that natural fibers of your vispring. Is breatheable and reduces the springy pushback just a wee bit to enhance the cloudlike feel. I put them on my horsehair pillows and it really added a nice final touch!

Meanwhile i am dealing with this crappy beautyrest hyde park, memory comfort foam, sinking, hammocking my back, causing strain and pain, on vacation at the opal grand resort. Ugh!!

At least you will be getting some great nights sleep! Yay! :sleeping: :sleeping_bed:

All the best


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@Rynneb If one of the main features you like about the Dux bed is the ability to have two different tensions, you may already know this, but many places allow you to have two different tensions. I mentioned this as a possibility when getting floor models because they’re often like that for testing purposes. But you can also frequently buy them like that, too. Just wanted to point that out. The advantage of the Dux bed, of course, is it’s easily changeable.

@Maverick Thanks! I’m looking forward to it, too. And cool tip on the pillow cover. I’ll check that out. For now, there isn’t an uncomfortable bounce-back so it’s alright. But always good to experiment. Ugh about the hotel bed. They gotta do better with an expert like you in their company.

@BillyIdol I think Duxiana is right near the Hastens on Beverly, so could try both back-to-back (no pun intended).


I appreciate this message SO much! Thank you. I will definitely check out Dux and the other mentioned LA store as I live in LA!

Thank you!!! That’s helpful. I need to get to Duxiana in West Hollywood and test it out. Maybe I need to bring an iPad and lounge in there watching The Crown for a while to really get a feel. Maybe I should go in PJs. Sounds like I should bring my own pillow! Haha!

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I wasn’t aware this was an option with other models! I like that it’s something I could change over time. Like most people it’s hard to know how you’ll feel on a mattress until you’ve spent some real time on it….

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It really isn’t a bad idea. You should test it for a good 20 to 30 minutes. Sitting as if typing on a laptop, laying as if sleeping on your side etc. Making sure your pressure points are not bothered. Bring a favorite pillow. Maybe skip the pj’s though!

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