Help in finding a more affordable option

@Rynneb Glad it was helpful! Custom Comfort, Duxiana, Hästens and ViSpring are all within a few blocks from one another in LA. Have a good time! Curious how your search ends up!


@Rynneb Were you able to try something you liked?

The bed arrived last month, the topper is delayed but I wanted to pop in to give an update. The ViSpring Coronet has been really amazing. It has the perfect combination of your body sinking in slightly while also being very supportive and snug. To describe the impression, it’s like you feel cradled on all sides so that if I’m lying on my back, I am snug on three sides even though it’s still what I would say is a medium firmness and supportive.

This was really different from our first impressions of it and I actually went back to the NYC store when I was in the neighborhood to see if I was crazy. Something must be off with their floor model because that one feels more just like a regular boring mattress. It doesn’t have the same snugness and is more firm. Mine does feel similar to the one in the LA showroom, though.

As I wrote above, I was a little worried that it might not be super enjoyable without the topper so I’m really pleasantly surprised. I’m looking forward to getting the topper but honestly if this was it, I’d be really really happy with the feel. Five stars.

One thing I hadn’t fully appreciated about it being made from mostly wool is how dry it feels to be in the bed. I imagine this has to do with wool’s moisture wicking properties but I always assumed that would kick in more when it was humid out and I was sweating – not during winter. It gives the sheets a really nice fresh and clean feeling. I haven’t seen that overall feeling of dryness being discussed on here so I wanted to throw that out there. It would be interesting if people tested the air humidity under the sheets of different mattresses – I’d suspect you’d see noticeable differences.

A huge game changer compared with my old mattress is I like to sleep on my back but after 20 minutes or so, my back used to get hot and sweaty and I’d have to change position. With the Coronet, I can lie on my back all night and it feels completely dry and a comfortable temperature. I think it’s definitely helped me fall asleep faster, which is something I struggled with.

Some other details: I went with the Holy Lamb Organic Wool Moisture Barrier as a mattress protector. I tried a waterproof one from Avocado, which was rated as being one of the quieter ones and it was too thick and noisy That turned me off from anything with polyurethane so I looked into the St. Dormeir and others that were just made from natural materials.

I settled on the Holy Lamb one because it seemed a bit more waterproof than those and that it would change the feel less. I didn’t order the others so I wasn’t able to fully test that hypothesis. I think it added a small amount of firmness to the feel but it also evened out the tufts in the mattress so it’s a flatter surface, which I like. I really didn’t want something that added heat since I sleep hot and I think this actually makes the mattress cooler, which I was surprised by. I’ve been sleeping on it for a week and it’s been great – the bed is just as comfy and more protected from sweat and spills so I’m happy with that choice. I have the “washed linen” sheets and duvet cover from Brooklinen.

I’m still really liking my Custom Comfort latex pillow but @Maverick I ordered one of those horsehair pillows from your Italian source because I was curious and thought it might be a good option for the humid summers here. Review when it arrives.

I have two twin comforters from Feathered Friends on the way – we’re doing the Scandinavian “everyone gets their own comforter” setup. I’m testing out the Bavarian 700 and 850 in the Summer weight in case that’s interesting to folks.

One overall realization I had with ViSpring after showing a friend around their showroom recently, you don’t have to spend a ton to get a nice feel and I don’t think I compromised because I got one of their less “luxurious” models, which can cost over $10k, $20k, $50 or even $100k. They have some really high-end ones but now that I know what mine feels like, they’re pretty similar qualitatively. It seems like they have a few different feels and you can find one of that feel within each of their entry-, mid- and high-level price points. Just my observation!

To give some comparison on price, the mattress alone (without the box spring) was priced similarly to one of the mid-to-high Beautyrest Black Beauty mattresses, which they sell at Mattress Firm and which gets really mixed reviews. The box spring/divan was about the same as the Thuma bed frame, which a lot of my friends have and which I’m constantly getting Instagram ads for.

All that to say, throughout a lot of this process, I thought it was going to be impossible to find something I liked that wasn’t much more than a typical bed. Looking at the overall sticker price was a shock at first but breaking down the components made it make a lot more sense. Reading other posts on the forums about ViSpring, too, made it seem like it was only for the most ultra high-end luxury people but it can be in line with other options, as well, if you research what you want and time it with a sale or topper promotion.

Talking with a couple friends who live in the UK, one coincidentally has a ViSpring (the Baronet) and the other a John Ryan, which are similar in style to ViSpring. They both felt they were much more normal brands and not ultra-luxury but they may also be a bit cheaper over there. I thought that was interesting that these UK bed makers seem to do a similar natural wool style and it’s marketed as a bed for the average person. Hypnos, too, they talked about but I don’t think they export many of their models.

This was a frustrating search at times so for anyone reading this that is similarly frustrated there is hope!

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Congrats on the VI Spring Coronet with Opulence topper!

Was there a diference if feel between your mattress and the one you tested in LA and New York?


Congrats on finding a mattress that is working for you. Even without the topper yet. That is a very good sign. Hopefully, you will find the HH pillows equally as comfortable. Did you happen to order an extra bag of HH, it was relatively inexpensive just to have if the loft of the pillow is not to your liking.

I have been experimenting with 2 of the 3 HH pillows I have. One I keep at the original condition, with just a bit more HH to my liking. Then I started to create 2 chamber pillows. One side HH and the other side various shredded memory/latex foams I had from other pillow orders. I am currently waiting on some latex noodles to create another latex only chamber and see how that goes.

I love the BioSleepConcept pillow cover to retain the HH pillow and 2 chamber versions I have created. It definitely smooths out any lumpiness that my happen inside the liner of the pillow BSC Iris PIllow Cover.

Good luck when the final touches are completed on your bedding set up. Keep us posted as you have been. It is very helpful for others to recognize what some folks have to go through to find their comfort zone.


@BillyIdol Yea the one in LA was similar to what mine feels like. The one in NY was more like a regular mattress without any sinking in. Go figure! Have you found anything you like yet?

@Maverick Thanks for the tips! I didn’t realize there was an option for an extra bag of horsehair. Looking on their site I still don’t see that. Do you have a link?

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Horsehair by the Kg

It is a little deceiving, on the website. It looks like this link is for the pillow. But it is for the horsehair, and they are just describing a horsehair pillow.

Got it. And the pillow just has a zipper to add/remove the horsehair filler?

Yes, I ended up replacing one of his pillow liners with this one, as the zipper was giving me a hard time with the one his came with. Pillow Liner 100% Cotton Breathable.. The other two of his pillow liners were fine.

I wanted to get something made in USA, but it was hard to find one the right thickness and breathable. You should select the size liner for the size pillow you are going to use. If you select a standard size liner for a queen pillow, it will make the pillow loftier, as it is not as large for the same about of material (if you need to transfer from one liner to the other.) If you are doing a king pillow you may need to add more fill to a king liner as the amount that comes with his pillow is a bit smaller than a king, unless you specifically asked him to make you a king pillow, he will do that for the asking.) It does come out a bit better when they do it at the factory, as they make it all perfect and even. That is why I chose the Iris pillow cover to mask any lumps or unevenness, I may have created.

If you need to move from his pillow liner to your own, do it outside on your deck. Little pieces of hairs can get on your bed (yep, I learned the hard way) and you end up vacuuming those little suckers.

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