Help in Upstate SC

What recommendations do you have for outlets around my area at zipcode 29651 and 29356? I appreciate any help as I am right now about to return the Sleep Number bed we purchased a few weeks ago and we hate. I have never had so many aches and pains from sleeping on a bed or anything else, as I have had every night since we got this thing. I want to go back to an innerspring mattress. I am a stomach sleeper and my husband is a side sleeper if this helps at all.
Thanks so much,

Hi peggymacleod,

Post #2 here includes the factory direct manufacturers in and around Greenville, SC.

Innersprings are just a support system and there are many different types and they can all use a range of different comfort layers on top of them as well. There is a step by step guideline in post #1 here that will help you find the best mattress for you and includes some links to sections of the site that will give you a good idea of the many options that are available. It helps to think of a mattress as a support system for spinal alignment with comfort layers for pressure relief on top and both of these can use many different materials.

Like you … I am not a fan of airbeds as you can see from this article. Air is not a great support system IMO even though they use the same comfort layers as an innerspring mattress.

You have some good options within reasonable driving distance which should give you some good quality/value choices.