HELP! J Stowe/Comfort Coil Natural Elements Euro PT

Hi! I am looking at buying this bed —> J Stowe/Comfort Coil Natural Elements Euro PT
But I cant find any information or reviews about it online. I love the way in feels and the warranty. 15 yrs 3/4 inch.
Latex pillow top for around $1600. Can anyone tell me if this is a good deal? I have never done this before and I need help!
Thank you so much in advance!

Hi labellemyra,

A mattress is only as good as the construction and materials that are inside it so I would find out from the retailer the exact layering and components inside the mattress including the the details of the innerspring, the thickness of all the layers, and the type and quality of the foam used (density in the case of any memory foam or polyfoam and the type and blend of any latex).

Without this information it is impossible to know the quality or relative value of any mattress, what it’s “weak link” may be, and its relative durability compared to other mattresses.

You can’t “feel” quality when it comes to mattress materials because both low and high quality materials can feel great in a showroom in combinations that are suitable for your body type, sleeping positions, and personal preferences. It’s just that lower quality materials won’t maintain the feel and performance nearly as long as higher quality materials.

Don’t forget too that warranties have no bearing on how long a mattress will last and continue to provide you with the comfort and support you need. The softening of the materials in a mattress and the gradual loss of comfort and support (with or without impressions) is the main reason that people need to replace a mattress and this is not considered to be a “defect” and is not covered by any warranty. Most foams will soften long before they develop impressions that are more than the warranty exclusion and warranties are more of a marketing tool that justifies higher prices and protect the manufacturer against warranty claims more than they protect consumers.

So the next step is to call them and find out the details in every layer of the mattress you are considering … including the density of any polyfoam or memory foam and the type and blend of any latex so you can identify any potential “weak links” in the mattress and make meaningful value comparisons to other mattresses that use similar materials.


I own a King size J. Stowe mattress set. We bought the Firm Talalay latex model. We have owned it just around a year now, and I could not be happier! I was actually online trying to see if there were any new retailers in our area since we have moved a bit further from the city. (we purchased our first set at Stacy Furniture)
The new set will be for the spare room in our new home!
The mattress has held up perfectly! I was out shopping for a new oven today and saw a sale on mattresses at 50% off at Sears. I sat down on them, and did not even bother to go further (to the lie down part) they felt AWFUL by comparison, even the Beautyrest can’t begin to compete!!!
My hubby and I sleep better than we ever have!!!
One suggestion though. Personally we have Bob Timberlake furniture, while our previous mattresses were just about the right height, these J. Stowe’s sit pretty tall, so I would suggest that you take this into consideration if the extra height is an issue or not. My hubby is 6’3" so it is no problem for him, but I am 5’8" and I find myself having to grab hold to the headboard to climb in to the bed. On the flip side though, they sell a low profile box springs. (I wish we had bought that one) and this is what we will be picking up with our second purchase.

Hi tatum123,

thanks for your feeback :slight_smile:

Do you happen to know the specs of the J. Stowe mattress you bought (the thickness of the talalay latex layer on top and the type and thickness of the other layers either above or below the latex).

This would be really helpful so that people can make some meaningful value comparisons to this mattress to see if the same or similar material combinations are available through other manufacturers and make more meaningful value comparisons with other similar mattresses.

Thanks again


I did know all the specs (actually I was so thorough that I called Jon Stowe and chatted with him for quite awhile. I asked him so many questions, he actually asked me if I was with one of his competitors!) I honestly don’t remember all of that information, however I will be making the purchase of the second one this week, so I will try to remember to get all that information again, so that I can pass it along on the forum. I can’t say enough about sleeping on this mattress, it is completely amazing! So amazing in fact, that as I said, I am about to purchase a second one!

Hi tatum123,

That would be wonderful and I would certainly appreciate it … and I’m sure so would many others who may want to include them in their research.

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:


Hi again.
Here is a link to the manufacturer info. (for all the basic build stuff)
I do remember that the foam (on the edges) is also Certi-Pur certified, and the Talalay is from Latex International (manufactured at the Wichita Falls, Texas plant if I remember correctly - since I did put a phone call in to them and talk with them about what chemicals are used in their Talalay process as well) I try to remember to get a spec. sheet when I purchase this second mattress, and let you know more if I can.

Oh yeah, and I would also like to say that Jon Stowe is an incredibly nice guy! I remember in talking with him, I asked “What if Stacy furniture were ever to go out of business, since the economy is so bad these days, and suppose I had an issue with my purchase, then what?” He said to me “You can contact me anytime with any issues you may have, and I guarantee you I will ALWAYS make them right” I honestly believe him! He is a SUPER guy, and quite open and honest about the manufacturing process. I felt completely comfortable making the purchase of the King bed, which was quite expensive I must add, but well worth every penny!