Help! Looking for latex hybrid with pillowtop

Help! Looking for a king-size innerspring latex hybrid with pillowtop… don’t want to spend more than $2000.

After narrowing our preferences down at Mattress Firm, I’m looking for a pocketed coil mattress (with coil edge support preferably) with ZERO memory foam, a comfort layer of talalay latex, possibly microcoils, and a plush pillowtop. We like a medium-ish support, a bounce-back feel, and plush top.

We liked this Kingsdown in the store the best, but I’ve read that their beds sag quickly. Could this model be an exception?

I’m looking at Saatva hybrid, SleepEZ, Austin Natural, King Koil, etc.
Basically finding coils, latex, wool top. My concern is that the top won’t be plush enough. Of course, I could always add a topper (suggestions on something cool and pillowy? We were happy enough on our simple, 12yo Beautyrest).

I just don’t know what to try next! There don’t seem to be any local stores with these kinds of mattresses.

I’m a researcher and now getting overwhelmed. Wondering if I should consider DIYing, but that sounds risky.

My husband and I tried a Winkbed based off internet reviews and hate it. Too firm, memory foam, hot.

Hey sasfar,

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[quote]After narrowing our preferences down at Mattress Firm, I’m looking for a pocketed coil mattress (with coil edge support preferably) with ZERO memory foam, a comfort layer of talalay latex, possibly microcoils, and a plush pillowtop. We like a medium-ish support, a bounce-back feel, and plush top.

Congrats on your new mattress shopping journey :slight_smile: ! Good job on making store visits and testing mattresses, sasfar. Could you please share details regarding you and your husband’s personal stats, such as weight, height, body profile, and preferred sleep positions? Also, what mattress are you currently using and how old is it? A baseline of your sleep history is key for understanding what materials and constructions would be best suited for you both. Thanks for including your budget number too, that is good to know. If this is your first latex hybrid mattress, you may need to update your current foundation. What type foundation are you using now? After we have more information, we can talk further about the mattresses that you’re considering :wink: .


Hi Sensei, thank you for your response!

My husband and I are 170 and 130 pounds respectively, 5’10" and 5’3", athletic/compact builds. He changes positions but is primarily a stomach sleeper. I’m a side and back sleeper.

We have slept on a Simmons Beautyrest (innerspring, medium-soft?, plushtop) for our whole 12 years together. We got it at an outlet for under $800 and it’s been great. It’s had indentations for awhile, and since sleeping on the Winkbed (even though we hate it), I’m noticing less neck pain.

We have 12yo box springs on a metal frame.

Hey sasfar,

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: .

It’s good to hear that your Simmons Beautyrest plushtop innerspring served you well during these past 12 years :slight_smile: ! There are certainly many equally strong replacement candidates available in that category, sasfar, as innerspring design continues to be the most popular in the marketplace. With your normal BMI ranges and being active individuals, you should rest comfortably on most hybrid mattresses as long as they provide enough firmness for your stomach and back sleeping positions. Having a point of reference for what you both prefer will make the process of narrowing down choices easier. I’m glad that your neck pain is improving (despite your feelings about memory foam); at least your Winkbed tried to win your vote :wink: .

Regarding the potential brands of interest from your previous post, each manufacturer could be a good choice, keeping in mind Phoenix’s guidance on “Mattress Specifications You Need to Know” and “Knowledge You Need to Make Meaningful Mattress comparisons”. Both articles contain useful tips for talking with your local showroom team about your preferences and gathering component specs for determining durability potential. For your budget of $2,000, the Kingsdown model mentioned is nearly twice that amount as featured on the included site link; is the showroom offering a sweeter deal for Memorial Day?

Both Latex hybrids and all-latex mattresses can be quite heavy and require even support across the entire bottom surface of the mattress, so be sure and describe your foundation set up when researching different models. Use of an improperly supportive foundation would void a warranty and could lead to support issues further down the road. BTW, how is the research coming along?


My husband and I (and two rambunctious kids) went to Dallas Natural Mattress (of Austin Natural Mattress) on Memorial Day and got hooked up!

I was somewhat surprised to find we liked the all-latex mattress (Dunlop with a 2-inch Talalay topper) more than the innerspring hybrids there. The salesman says it’s their most popular.

He was nice and patient, but we did end up spending almost three times what we spent in the Winkbed, even with the sale. He did add an adjustable base for free. I feel better about it knowing the mattress will last a long time. The return policy is store credit only, and there is a 100-day trial. I’m a bargain shopper and use the internet to find the best deal, but it was nice to go brick and mortar, face to face.

Hey sasfar,

Welcome back to TMU and thanks for your update :slight_smile: !

Congrats on your new mattress purchase! Excellent job on making store visits with the help of you little ones, hopefully they enjoyed a special treat after that shopping experience lol :wink: . I am glad that you’re happy with your choice of an all-latex mattress and given your 12 year history with an innerspring mattress, it must have been somewhat surprising that you did find this model preferable. It should serve you well for many years to come.

Sounds as though you had a good experience with Dallas Natural Mattress so far and that you have a good understanding of what future options are available should you need them. You may both experience some body adjusting as you adapt to a somewhat different comfort and support feel than that of an older innerspring mattress, but that is to be expected. Do keep in touch and let us know how things go after an initial 30 day sleep trial of your new all-latex mattress :wink: .