Help me build a mattress


Some background info:

I’m located in Nampa, ID. I’m looking to buy a king size latex mattress, but the local selection is pretty terrible and extremely high priced from what I’ve seen.

Through a few recommendations, I’m looking at, but I’m not quite sure of what mattress to select and then how to configure the layers.

I’m 250 lbs side sleeper and my wife is 160 lbs also side sleeper. so the first question is how thick of a mattress do we need. 9", 10" or 13"? I’m a bigger guy, so I probably could use a thicker mattress, but I’m not sure if the 13" is overkill or if I’ll still be fine on the 9" or 10"

Next question would be about how to configure the layers, I need a firmer support layer since I’m on the bigger side, but I don’t think I’d like to go firmer than a medium on the support layer. My wife would prefer a softer mattress and that’s probably fine for her.

Plus there’s a choice between Dunlop or talalay layers.

So for a 10" with 3 layers of configuration: (left being my wife’s side, right being mine)

Soft talalay - medium talalay
Medium Dunlop - medium Dunlop
Firm Dunlop - firm Dunlop

Figuring medium talalay for the top layer on my side would be a little bit softer than medium Dunlop.

For a 13" mattress you get 4 layers, which I’m not even sure is necessary or which layers I’d add to the above configuration even if I did.

Am I on the right track? Any input/advice? I’ve tested a lot of mattresses at local places and I found I had a tendency to like the softer mattresses more, but I think it’s just an over-correction from my current mattress in which the support layers have collapsed, making it really hard. For support I think I need to get something with medium firmness because of my weight, but I’m afraid of getting something too firm too.


Hi Thegandork,

I wouldn’t try to configure the layers at all since most people don’t have the knowledge or experience to design their own mattress.

When you can’t test a mattress in person … the most effective way to choose the layering that has the highest chance of success for you would be a more detailed conversation with SleepEz who will know more about “matching” their mattresses to your body type, sleeping style, and preferences and your local experiences than anyone else (see mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here).

Just in case you haven’t seen it … the better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the Boise/Nampa, ID area are listed in post #2 here which may also give you the chance to test a few latex mattresses which may provide some useful reference points when you talk with SleepEZ.