Help me choose a mattress for murphy bed

Soon I will buy a murphy bed and I think to immediately buy a good mattress for it. Are there any considerations when choosing mattresses for this type of bed?
The bed Lori Beds | Murphy Bed


Guidelines from their website:

[quote]What mattress should I use on my Lori Bed?

You can use any mattress you’d like, keeping the following things in mind:

Maximum thickness of 12": Choose a mattress that is 12" thick or less to ensure it will close properly.
Go light with your mattress! Recommended maximum weight of 80lb for Queen and 50lb for Twin. Since you will manually operate this bed, keep in mind that even an extra 10-20lbs on your mattress can make a big difference in how heavy it will feel. The lighter the better!
Conventional inner spring and latex foam mattresses tend to work best for Lori Beds. Some edge support on the mattress can be helpful as well, to prevent sagging or deformation of the mattress over time.[/quote]