Help me decide FloBed vs. Soft Foams Grandis-HD, or ?

Hi ! Firstly I would like to thank Phoenix for overseeing this wonderful site. So refreshing to have access to a resource that cuts through the hype and provides a wealth of reliable information. After 20 years of service from a custom made latex mattress made by a no longer in operation company in Toronto, it is time to replace old faithful. However, this 220 lb 6"1 side sleeper suffers from arthritis brought on from may years of running and racquet sports. Shoulders, arms, hips and knees are a mess. I would certainly be a perfect poster boy for pressure point relief. I have to toss and turn every 10 minutes or so, which makes me think that a top quality memory foam top surface of at least 3 inches will be required to deal with joint pain. I’m not sure that any latex, no matter how soft on the top layer will be enough to avoid my pressure point sensitiivity, ( for example, Dormio in Mississauga seems to make great latex mattresses, one model with a zoned soft latex top layer, but not qute enought pressure reilef for me). As a measuring stick, the tempurpedic rhapsopy breeze seems to me like I want a bit more pressure point relief. The Grandis -HD is on for a good sale price at the moment. Might it be too soft, and without enough lumbar support? I also notice from some other posters, that there may be customer service and reilability issues with Soft Foam. Should we be concerned? They otherwise seem to have a good service record.
FloBed seems very tempting, with perhaps the ablity to have the best of both the memory foam and latex worlds, and as well the option of fine tuning rather than returning. So, I would very much appreciate your thoughts and advice. Thanks.

Hi at rerst,

They have an ongoing sale which changes in its details.

I’m happy to speak to the quality of the materials in a mattress but as you can see in mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here … the best source of information about the comfort and/or support of a mattress is either your own personal testing on a specific mattress or a close equivalent or a more detailed conversation with the online retailer or manufacturer that sells it. They know more about their mattresses than anyone else. In the case of the Grandis you could test the Tempurpedic Grand Bed for PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) which is a close equivalent to the get a sense of how it feels and performs.

I’m not sure of which Flobeds mattress you are looking at but they are also one of the members here which means that in terms of quality, value, and service they both compete well with the best in the country.

The first step is to narrow your choices down to one at each retailer or manufacturer based on more detailed conversations with each of them (step 4 in the basic guidelines here) and once you have eliminated all the “worst” choices and are down to “good vs good” choices then to make your final choice based on all the objective, subjective, and intangible factors that are most important to you.