Help me find a small mattress for small person

Finally made an account here, Reddit is full of salespeople and mostly recommends me mattresses that aren’t even made anymore. I’m getting really frustrated trying to find a mattress that will actually work for me.

Specifications: I am 5 foot 1, 115 pounds, and a side sleeper who sleeps hot. I need a medium soft or soft bed, I’ve tried mediums and I am just too small for it to work. Mattress needs to be less than 9 inches thick and preferably under 100 pounds. Strong return policy is a must. I’m not a fan of pure memory foam, I had one and it hardened to solid when it was cold while still boiling me once I fell asleep; hybrids, innerspring, alternative foams/materials, and latex are good. I don’t want to pay more than $1500, and given my size and preferences, I figure there’s probably some in the under $1000 range that will work.

Beds I’ve tried, for reference: Brooklyn bedding aurora hybrid, medium (at home): it was too firm and too thick.
Plush beds natural bliss, soft (at home): this one was the worst, the top layer was too soft and i sunk right through it to the lower, too firm layer, so I had both shoulder and back pain.
Doctors choice plush (tried at store): The firmness was good, but I have concerns about the durability based on reviews.
Purple 3 (tried at store): comfortable but much too thick and heavy for me.
Purple original (tried at store): too firm.

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Happy that you’ve decided to check the TMU out after spending some time on Reddit, NewMutant. You can find some good information there (you’ll also recognize some of the TMU consumer contributors on r/Mattress too from time to time), but you’ll also notice some key differences in how both sites work, namely in our Trusted Member manufacturer/ retailer program and our emphasis on consumer education and support.

Congrats on your new mattress shopping journey! You have done a good job with your initial research, NewMutant, and seem to have a good understanding of what you do and do not like from a shopping standpoint. We do not make recommendations for specific mattresses (read more about why in this tutorial here , particularly point #4) or mattress brands unless they are thoroughly vetted Trusted Members of our site. We will, however, ask a series of questions to help guide you through the mattress shopping research process. Besides budget, thickness and weight preferences, what size mattress are you planning to buy? Is there a specific reason for keeping the mattress weight under 100 lbs, as that limits some combinations of components? What size/ what brand and type mattress are you currently sleeping on and what are some qualities that you like about it? How old is your current mattress?

Looking forward to hearing more on your mattress history when you have time.

Sensei :wink:

I’m looking for a full size. I’m currently sleeping on a $30 air mattress from target with a 3 inch soft latex bed topper from PlushBeds, they’re both a few months old. I like the air mattress is lightweight, firm yet bouncy, and easy to move in when fully inflated, but there’s not much more going for it; for the bed topper, I like that soft but not sinking into it feeling, the smell, and the consistent firmness. Doesn’t seem to hold onto heat, either.

I’d prefer it to be under 100 pounds because I live on a second story and I’m not able to carry much more than 100 pounds up my stairs, as well as using a loft bedframe that I don’t want to stress too much.

Hey NewMutant,

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You may be a good match for a latex mattress, since you seem to like your latex topper. You would also be able to find a full size in a 9" height from one of these TMU trusted members who offer latex mattress options, although less than 100 lbs may be challenging unless layers are shipped in separate boxes, latex is quite heavy. All use high quality and durable materials and are extremely knowledgeable about latex and different configurations:

Arizona Premium Mattress

Sleep EZ


DIY Natural Bedding

Flexus Comfort


Foam Sweet Foam

Latex Mattress Factory

Luma Sleep

Mattres To Go

Nest Bedding

Oklahoma Mattress Company

Sleep On Latex

Sleeping Organic

You may use the TMU Ask an Expert forumto ask questions directly to the manufacturers and get their advice as well. When you have some time, check out the links above and see what you find there as this would be a good research starting point. Hope this helps and let us know which way you decide to go :wink: .


I’d actually prefer something that isn’t latex, I’ve had a latex mattress before and it was the worst I’ve ever experienced. It was from PlushBeds, which isn’t listed so may not’ve been the best quality, but overall the weight and the lack of “hug” was really rough for my full body pain issues; I have broad shoulders that throw my spine out of whack on firm surfaces due to my low weight, so I prefer a bed that I can sink into for maximum comfort and pain relief (as long as it doesn’t heat up too much). Combined with the high price, it’s really putting me off trying any more latex beds.

To put it into perspective, I am 115 pounds, and full/double latex beds weigh around 120. I cannot physically handle a bed that weighs more than I do.

Hey NewMutant,

Thanks for your response :slight_smile: .

In your initial post #1, you describe yourself as a smaller/ lighter weight side sleeper who sleeps hot, has a preference for a medium soft or soft bed, and not a fan of pure memory foam. You found your Plushbeds Natural Bliss dunlop latex mattress to be too firm, but you did like the 3" soft topper, citing that you “like that soft but not sinking into it feeling, the smell, and the consistent firmness. Doesn’t seem to hold onto heat, either." Question: is your Plushbeds 3” soft latex topper made of Talalay or Dunlop latex and what ILD is it? And which type comfort preference are you looking for as you mention both “a bed that I can sink into for maximum comfort and pain relief (as long as it doesn’t heat up too much)” as well as “like that soft but not sinking into it feeling”? You may find these articles"Mattress Comfort Layers: Overview", “Memory Foam as a Comfort Layer”, and "Latex Foam as a Comfort Layer"helpful for better understanding how these materials function in the upper comfort layers of a mattress. Regarding your broader shoulders, having “wider areas” (typically hips in women and shoulders in men) will need enough thickness and softness to accommodate these wider areas and relieve pressure. If you need a thicker comfort layer than normal, it should always go with a firmer support layer as well to “balance” the sinking down with the “sinking in”, you can read more on the role that body weight and shape plays in individual pressure relief and support needed.

While we do not make recommendations for specific mattresses or manufacturers, we do offer and encourage TMU consumer subscribers to consult with and ask questions of our Trusted Member manufacturers/ retailers. They have many years of experience and knowledge designing mattresses, based on working directly with consumers’ preferences and needs. Many of the direct-to-consumer mattresses ship roll-packed and compressed in 2-3 boxes as (1) it is easier for the consumer to move several lower weight boxes and (2) it is difficult to ship certain types of mattresses, such as heavier latex in a single box. Of course this isn’t always the case, but a quick view of the manufacturer’s FAQs will generally state weights, dimensions and how the mattresses are boxed for shipping. Good luck with your continued research :wink: .