Help! My latex mattress cover shrunk

So I washed it and dried it on low. Big mistake. Now my zip around cotton/wool cover is a foot too short. What can I do? I can’t afford a $1000 replacement I was just quoted. It’s a 3 layer king. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Hi jessmarch,

The first thing I would normally do is call the manufacturer who will usually have a replacement cover they can sell you for much less (and sometimes if you have already purchased from them they may also offer a lower price). If your quote was from from the manufacturer themselves though … then I would look at alternatives because this seems very costly to me (although I don’t know the details of the cover).

In that case … some of the better sources of good covers of many types are listed in the toppers and components post #4 here and they are also significantly less than $1000…