Help narrowing choices please?

First, please let me thank you for all of this invaluable information. I’m still learning, but am very thankful for running across your site. You were actually recommended from a video I watched on Youtube, so Jeff with MattressToGo deserves some credit.
I have quite a bit of history to share, just to give you an idea of what I’m trying to work with, and why I’m still not sure which direction to go. Thanks in advance for your patience with me.

Two of us will share whatever new bed we decide on, though each of us have a bit different needs.
I’ll soon be 37, though my body has been through more then most people in their 80s or 90s. lol Long story short, I was hit by a car when I was 12. It broke my pelvis in 3 places, and I had a major compound fracture to my left leg. I did quite a bit of hospital time, in a hospital bed, so I was ‘used’ to being forced to sleep on my back. Over the years I’ve found that I generally at least when able fall asleep on my stomach/half on my side. I’m not sure what this is REALLY considered, as I NEED to have one of my knees bent to fall asleep usually. We also have to have a body pillow at the foot of the bed, because my left leg does not extend properly. Basically, I can not “lock” my knee how most people can. When it’s in a straight position for too long, especially over night, it literally freezes in place, and some times takes days to ‘work out’ of the pain caused. With out even the few inches of support, or perhaps difference for my knee to go ‘down’ it’s just far too painful.
Over the years pretty severe arthritis has set in in my leg/knee as well as my lower back - my sciatic nerve has been damaged as well. At the worst of times, this causes me to simply drop to the ground with no warning. There’s times that if I sleep wrong, I wake up and find that I just simply can not stand up straight due to pain (being a hunchback is no fun!) and even some times, I find that my shoulder is ‘tweaked’ bad as well. To add into the mix, I also have Scoliosis, with possibilities of Lordosis.
I’ve bought several beds through the years, and now kick myself for NOT asking the questions, or taking the time that I now KNOW I should of (from reading through all of your information!!) but the good news is, I refuse to repeat the same mistake. :slight_smile:
I’m short, and fat - which of course does not help my situation in the least. Approximately 5’7" & 300lbs.
My other half will be 40 this year, is 5’7" and weighs 150lbs. (Yes, we’re the perfect odd couple ;)) Most of his aches and pains are simply because he’s a hard worker, although, there is evidence that his lower back, towards his hip, is fusing. This is where he most commonly has pain, lower back/butt area. He also has arthritis, mostly in his hands and knees.
When we first got together, he wasn’t so sure about the body pillow at the foot of the bed, but over the years, I think he appreciates it as much as I do. lol

We purchased our current mattress when we lived in Kansas, prior to moving back to Oregon. I believe it’s a Omaha Bedding Full Legacy Plush Mattress set. We were on a tight budget at the time, saving money to move back to Oregon, and really, just laid on a few and thought it was more comfortable then the airbed (camping type) we were sleeping on. I think now, we should of stuck with the airbed!
Now things are different. We’re looking at purchasing our first house, and much to my happiness, a new bed! I told him jokingly for Christmas two years ago, I wanted a new bed, and to be a princess when we picked it out. He took me seriously, and has been saving for one.

Before I was lucky enough to find your site and wealth of information, I was trying on my own to be a bit more educated, and thought I was aiming towards an airbed, similar to a sleep number, though I knew I didn’t want to go with a ‘name brand’. My thinking was that we’re both such different weights, and really preferences, that it would be good, as it would be adjustable to whatever each wanted. That may still be our best bet? I’m unsure.
After finding your though, reading more, watching more videos, I had a slight memory of being in the hospital, and tried to figure out HOW I could sleep on my back. Any more, if I TRY to sleep on my back, even the first few minutes is extremely painful with no chance of sleep. However, on occasion, I find that when I wake up, I do wake up on my back. I know I tend to toss and turn quite a bit. It’s my belief that the hospital beds I was in when younger, were latex, hence my ability to sleep on my back. Might be wrong though.

Now armed with your information, and hopefully your continued advice, we plan on going to a few places tomorrow, that your site has recommended. First stop is ParkLane.
I think that our needs will be something like the following, but anything additional you can shed light on would be greatly appreciated.
Comfort layer with Latex - Unsure how thick still?
Support - Still unsure if an innerspring, airbed, full on latex or perhaps a ‘hybrid’ would be best here.
If we were to go with an innerspring, I think that we would prefer differential support.

With so many physical issues, I’m REALLY torn on what type might be best. I of course know we need to go bounce on a few to even tell with personal preferences, but I’m wondering if you happen to have any insight on things like locked knees and such. We’re not people that have a TV/Games etc in our bed, so I’m not so keen on an ‘adjustable’ bed like a hospital bed at this point, unless it could make a huge difference.

Our budget at this point is approximately $2000, of course we’d prefer a little less, but could probably go a bit more if needed. Is my dream of being a princess and getting a bed that makes it all not hurt so much out of reach with this budget?

Another bit off question is, I found 5 places to look into from your site for a mattress, however one is in AZ, and ships - Is the sleepEZ at, the same as in Arizona?

I’m sorry for being all over the place and being so long winded. Thank you thank you again for all your wonderful information and support.


Hi Jessukuh,

While there is no formula or “theory at a distance” that anyone can use to tell you what mattress to purchase out of all the thousands of possibilities or which would be most suitable for your specific needs and preferences … there are certainly steps you can take which can greatly increase your odds of making the best possible choice. The “best” place to start is post #1 here which has the information, steps, and guidelines you will need to make good choices … one step at a time.

I’m assuming from your comments that you are in or near Portland and while I think you’ve seen this … the better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the Portland area are in post #2 here. I added one to the list today (Cotton clouds futons) to bring it up to date.

Before you consider an airbed I would read this article. As you will see … I would hesitate before going in this direction.

You can read about how to know the “best” mattress for you in post #2 here and post #5 here. Nobody else can define this for you more accurately than your own personal testing. Because of your heavier than average weight … using higher quality versions of any type of material or component you use will be more important … particularly in the upper layers of the mattress.

NO … they are different companies. With the addition from today you now have one more possibility you can include in your research :slight_smile: