Help needed, looking for beds similar to Sealy Renewal refined in the Sacramento area


I am on here because im about to get a settlement for a back injury that happened at work. I have gone to about 3 major retailer shops in town and found that the renewal refined mattress set was the best feel for me. I want a bed that lasts mainly made of latex etc and this bed felt great but after reading this site I see that these beds are also of lesser quality. I need something thats going to last and help me be able to actually get good sleep. Anyways, I really could use help because im planning to get a bed this week sometime and would like to know where in town would be a good place to check out. Anywhere within a 50 mile radius of sacramento would be ideal and like I said the renewal refined mattress was the only mattress I laid on that when I laid down I immediately had no pain and pressure on my back at all and was able to relax my back without it tensing up or being in pain. This bed at the cheapest in town is on “Sale” because its discontinued this year at 2000. Thats including the taxes. I want to spend around 1000 at the most and have found a place online that is selling one for that price exactly minus that 25 year warranty which I dont really care about because theres no way with 3 young kids and me being over weight at the moment that that warranty is gonna last anyways but I still want something thats going to be able to work for me and my fiance. I am currently about 300 pounds and my fiance is about 180. Is there anything that anyone can recomend thats might be worth going and checking out around here? PLEASE any information would be welcome because my settlement money is going into this bed and I need something for the pain and thats going to be the right choice 100%. Thanks anyone who helps!


Hi Shipmeister,

The first place to start your research is the tutorial post here which includes all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that you will need to make the best possible choices … and avoid the worst ones.

As you will see each person is unique in their needs and preferences so the tutorial will help you with how to choose rather than what to choose. Your own personal testing or experience is the only way to know which mattress is best for you because nobody else can feel what you feel on a mattress.

If a mattress is being sold without a warranty I would be very cautious because it’s likely to be a factory defect or a used or returned mattress.

The Renewal Refined is a memory foam mattress … not a latex mattress. You can see the details of the design in post #1 here.

I would be very cautious with this mattress at your weight both because of the thickness and softness of the comfort layers and because it has 2.75" of 4 lb gel foam and because of the inch of low density polyfoam that it also includes in the upper layers. If you do decide on memory foam I would focus on memory foam in the 5 lb range or higher. Outside of the fact that it’s not particularly good value this could be a risky purchase for you IMO and at the very least I would make sure that you do some very careful and objective testing on the mattress to confirm that you have good alignment in all your sleeping positions.

Some of the better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the Sacramento area are listed in post #5 here. No matter where you buy though I would make absolutely sure that you know the details of every layer in a mattress because it will be especially important for you to make sure that there are no weak links or lower quality/density materials in your mattress.