HELP! Not refunded for return by angel beds

Hi, I purchased a mattress from Angel Beds in mid 2011 after doing some internet research and thinking it was one of the best alternatives to Tempurpedic and cost about half as much. Big mistake in retrospect. About 2 weeks after sleeping on it, my girlfriend and I started suffering from intense back pain and decided to send back the mattress under the 90 day return policy. Then the following happened -

We were sent an RMA form. The RMA form requested pictures and stated the following: “**Please do not include any accessories such as a cover or mattress pad with your return.”
We took pictures without the cover and sent them to the firm along with the RMA form. That communication from us to them specifically stated that the mattress cover was removed.
A rep at AngelBeds approved the return and sent back instructions on how to return the mattress which was a nightmare. We had to buy a mattress box for a kingsized mattress, box it and send it back!
We followed the instructions, mailed the mattress back and were not provided with a refund for a long time.
We got in touch with them and there was a lot of back and forth with customer service and they told us that they had thrown away the mattress and that we would not be getting a refund.
We finally got in touch with a senior executive. On 12/12, after reviewing all the facts, he agreed to a partial refund, which we accepted, so that the headache would end.
On 12/15, when we followed up on the status of the refund, he changed his mind, claimed the mattress had dog hair (we’ve never had a dog and supposedly they’d thrown away the mattress!)

We lost quite a bit of money on this mattress, what can we do?

Also, we are in the market for a firm mattress at this point in the vicinity of Stamford, CT. Any suggestions for a local place for us to go look?

Thanks very much

Very sorry to hear about your experience :frowning:

Do you still have the photos? So you have proof of the condition of the bed? And you should promptly print out a copy of their 90 day return policy for your records. And be sure you have all of your communications.

For starters you should most definitely share your story with other sites in addition to this one: What’s the Best Mattress, e-opinions, viewpoints, other blogs, etc. so that at least when others search for Angel Beds they will find your story. You can contact your better business bureau. You can take it up with your credit card company and dispute the charge- if you are indeed entitled to a refund, dispute the full charge with your credit card company and make Angel Beds fight it out with them. Often, you will win these disputes. And if you know any attorneys, you might have them send a letter or you might email them and cc the attorney so they realize you are getting serious. But, the cheapest and fastest way I can think of currently for you to get any potential money back is to either make it clear to Angel Beds of your plans and hope they decide to play nice and/or to immediately contact your credit card and formally dispute the charges.

Phoenix- other thoughts?

Thanks for your response.

It seemed that the COO of the company was not concerned about us pursuing the credit card or legal means so we were worried that perhaps he was confident that he’ll win and it’ll just be a waste of our time but we’re going to do this now. I do have the original documents.

I will also post reviews on all the other sites you mentioned.

Hi shrav1,

I am also sorry to hear about your experience.

I also have to say that I’m somewhat surprised mainly because when I talked with Angel Beds they seemed to be much more accommodating but of course I hadn’t bought a mattress and it’s easy to be nice when there might be a potential sale involved.

There’s not much I can add to the excellent suggestions by sleepless and I would go in the same directions she has mentioned except I would add filing a complaint with the state attorney generals office. Here in Washington State for example they have a good record of resolving complaints like this.

The only other suggestion I would have is I would avoid the word “scam” and replace it with something like “fraudulent and deceptive business practices” or something similar. The reason is that the word “scam” is often not taken seriously because it’s used so often and sounds more “emotional” and a more descriptive and hard hitting description will often be taken more seriously.

As sleepless mentioned, I would also give them a list of the places you have posted and invite them to reply and also give them a list of the places you intend to file a complaint with. The goal of course is to get any refund that you are legitimately entitled to. I would also make clear that your most important goal is to give them a chance to do the right thing and resolve the issue.

I sure don’t like to hear stories like this … there’s just too many of them already.


Good point about not using the word ‘scam’ and other great ideas Phoenix!

Shrav, perhaps the COO just wanted you to feel like pursuing was not worth your time. But, you have nothing to lose on a credit card dispute. Your credit card company represents YOU. You will need to provide them with your case and with proof of return policy, your communications, photos proving the condition of the bed, dates, etc… but I wouldn’t be so sure that Angel Beds would easily win that one. If you are owed a credit, your cc company should fight them for you and it will be a hassle for them. They will also have to prove why they will not credit you with their own pictures, proof, etc… It’s worth taking this on right away! You can only dispute charges for a period of time, so be sure you do so right away. I’m not sure I’d get heavily into a legal battle- the COO knows it will cost you more $ than the mattress so he’s calling your bluff. But, if you have family or friends who are attorneys and will help you out a little for free, I’d shake him up a little bit. And like Phoenix said, be clear of your intent to share your story. You are allowed to share the truth and your side of this story all you want all over the internet. So, perhaps it would be in his best interest to honor his terms and settle this rather than have negative postings and reviews all over the internet.

Best of luck resolving this with Angel Beds!

As for looking for a new firm bed, I am certain Phoenix can provide you with a great amount of information.

For starters, I’ll share that after a great deal of research (also needing a fairly firm bed), my husband and I have ordered a Berkeley Ergonomics mattress. They sell through Scott Jordan Furniture in NYC and I believe they are opening a new location in Norwalk, CT shortly. Good high quality materials. Simple construction. We like these beds a good deal. That said, we have not received it yet, so I’ll keep everyone posted. But, they are worth a visit.

Hi Shrav1,

Just to add to Sleepless’ recommendation (which I also think well of), here are a couple of posts that should help you with some other good outlets that are reasonably close to you.

Post #2 here includes factory direct mattress manufacturers in Connecticut

Post #7 here is centered around Monroe Township, NJ but includes factory direct outlets and other good choices in the New York city area.

I would check their distance first to make sure which ones were close enough to justify first a phone call and then a visit if you like what they have to say. there are some very good choices there.


You could try small claims, depending on the limits in your state. You could file a complaint, serve them, and then have your day in court. Most small claims courts dont requrie an attorney. The negative side for them if you win is now they have a judgement recorded against them. I would also go the bbb route as well.