Help on firmness choice in all Dunlop mattress

Hi, I am looking at choices for sleepez’s 8" all natural dunlop for a 5’11" ~230lb male side sleeper. The layers are 2"+2x3" and I was thinking of either:

2" Med on 6" Firm (2x3" Firm), as the conservative option
3" Med on 4" Firm (1" + 3" Firm) as perhaps a better option for a side sleeper

Which is likely to be more appropriate?
Also would 1" Firm on 3" Med on 3" Firm be a good alternative configuration from the second choice.
If so, this would give the second choice the advantage of having 2 viable layering configurations (I have doubts the first would really work as anything aside from the med on the two firm layers).

Or would something else altogether be a good idea?

Trying to make the purchase asap, would be grateful for any insight on this.


Ah, I had also meant to ask how to get the 5% MU discount if purchasing online from sleepez?


Hi FMatch,

Post #2 here has some links to some of the more generic design theory that may give you some preliminary guidelines (although there are too many individual unknowns and variables to use them for specific people) but the best way to know which mattress is most suitable for your needs and preferences in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) is either personal testing on a mattress (or a mattress that is a very close approximation of an online mattress) or more detailed phone conversations with an online retailer or manufacturer themselves. They know more about their specific mattresses and which designs have the best odds of being suitable for you than anyone else and can use their knowledge and experience with the options they have available to give you good suggestions based on your height and weight and any more detailed input you may have from local mattress testing based on “averages” and feedback from their customers. Both of these are much less complex than using specs (either yours or the specs of a mattress) to design a mattress based on “theory at a distance” … which can easily lead to information overwhelm or “paralysis by analysis” because of the steep learning curve involved … especially without specific reference points of mattresses you have tested in person.

It’s much easier to “find the experts” or “work with the experts” that make or sell a mattress you are considering and who already know what you would otherwise need to learn than to begin the journey of becoming one yourself :slight_smile:

All you have to do is let them know that you are a forum member here and they will give you the discount when you make your purchase.


Thanks for the reply; I’m in a bit of a tough spot in regards to narrowing things down using feedback or experiences with past choices. I’m buying this for someone else, and making things harder is that they aren’t able to spare time to work with me on it.

I sent an email to sleepez to get their thoughts on it this morning and am waiting to hear back; but if you don’t mind, what would you do or choose in my shoes?

Thanks again

Hi FMatch,

Here’s exactly what I would do …

First I would call SleepEz on the phone and have a more detailed conversation to tell them as much as you know about the body type, sleeping style, and preferences of the person you are buying the mattress for. I would never do this through written communication which is far to “linear” and lacks the nuances and “tone” that you generally need for this type of conversation.

I would then use their “standard” suggestions to make your choice based on the “averages” of other people with a similar body type, sleeping style, and preferences.

Then I would go to the person I was buying the person for and with a big smile I would tell them that you bought them a great quality/value mattress that most people of their height and weight would be very happy with but since there is no way to know for certain how someone will feel on a mattress until they actually sleep on it … that you were also smart enough to buy a mattress that can be fine tuned and changed around after a purchase in case they don’t fit the “averages” of most other people.

The third thing I would do is let them know they can now take you out for dinner as an expression of gratitude for the great choice you made for them :slight_smile:


Hi Pheonix, appreciate your take on it and hope what I can work out turns out well. No worries about their gratitude; they put me up when I was visiting their area for quite some time, that’s how I know they were having trouble with their bed :wink: Figure it would be an appreciated gesture in response to their generosity.


Hi FMatch,

I was being somewhat tongue in cheek but in your circumstances the “invitation for dinner” would likely be replaced with an “I wanted to thank you”. :slight_smile:

I think the main point though is that unless someone has done specific personal testing on local mattresses that are very close to the same design and knows exactly what they want that the best way to make a mattress choice is with a more detailed phone call using the knowledge and experience of the manufacturer or retailer who knows more about their mattresses than anyone else and is most familiar with what people of various body types and sleeping styles would do well with based on “averages”. This along with the ability to make further customizations after the purchase has the highest odds of success outside of personal testing.