Help on latex lingo

I am going from a pillow top interspring mattress to a latex mattress
My frame is square w about 4 wood slats for support??? Is this enough? Or should I get the frame that they suggest

Also I am torn between tranquility mattresses and plush beds anyone have any good bad or ugly comments about these companies???

Hi Kbj1125,

I don’t know of any square frame but to properly support an all latex mattress the gaps between the slats need to be 3" or less. With only 4 slats it doesn’t sound like this is the case with yours and I would strongly suggest getting a foundation that would be suitable. The foundation thread here will help.

I don’t think either of these would normally be in the “best value” group unless you happened to be in Houston in which case you could test the Tranquility bed before buying it.

The first step is always Post #1 here which has all the information, guidelines, and steps you will need that can improve your odds greatly of finding the best possible quality and value mattress that is also the best “fit” for your needs and preferences. It also includes a list of some of the best quality/value online manufacturers in the country and I would certainly look closely at these before making a purchase from either of the options you are considering.

A forum search on “plushbeds” and on “tranquility” (you can just click both of these) will bring up more information about both of them.


Hi Kbj1125
You may have already chosen a mattress but here is my experience with Tranquility Mattress Company. I purchased a Latex Mattress from them in December of 2012. The mattress was 6" of Dunlop and 2" of Talalay latex (glued). Despite several phone calls to them, i could get no information as to the ILD’s of either. Although I discovered after a few weeks that the mattress was not comfortable, I kept the mattress for 4 months trying to make it work by adding different toppers, and changing pillows. I really did not want to go through the trouble of boxing the mattress up and sending it back but finally decided that rather than keep a $2100 mattress that i was no longer sleeping in, that i would take the plunge. Though Tranquility Mattress Company gives you a generous 180 days to return the mattress…it is not an easy task!! On March 27th, I spent 3 tedious hours boxing up the mattress and UPS picked it up the next day. Fortunately, I was able to track it and noted that it was received by Merrick Group (owns Tranquility) on April 3rd because I have never heard anything from Tranquility. I was told that i would receive a refund in 10 to 12 days. That became 10 to 12 business days (not a problem). Well, today would be the 12th business day but when I called them today I was told that it was just approved to be refunded on April 15th and that because it has been over 90 days, they would be issuing a check, which could take up to 30 days to receive. that should be somewhere on their website or explained to me the numerous times that I called. Yesterday when i called, i was told that it would be refunded to my method of payment which was credit card. They have been incredibly rude every time I have called to either ask a question about the mattress or about the refund. I had every intention of reordering a different mattress in a different firmness but I will never do business with or recommend Tranquility Mattress again. Now, I am back to square one and they have both the money and the mattress. I wish that I had found this site prior to making my purchase. :slight_smile:

The bottom line is that having an extended return policy is pretty worthless in my opinion if they make it extremely difficult to use it.