Help Selecting a new Foundation

I am planning on getting a new latex mattress, probably the Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress by Dreamfoam

I have determined that my 8-10 year old Serta Queen mattress is completely worn out and the 10-15 year old box spring is even worse. I am 6’, 240 and a side sleeper. I have been suffering with tossing and turning, and wake up with lower back pain. I feel sure that I need a new foundation as well as the mattress. The bed frame has center supports and seems sturdy enough. So, now I need to settle on a foundation.

I have studied the foundation guide and looked at every link. The three foundations I am interested in are:


  2. Box Springs Box Foundations In A Box


My questions are:

What are the pros and cons of the usboxspring metal foundation vs the lower costs of the all wood KD one at all or the VesiFlex on Amazon ?

There are no reviews of the usboxspring at$ 275.00

The KD one looks good. Assembly is easy and it appears sturdy. But, there are no reviews of it at 234.00

The VersiFlex on Amazon looks like the same as the KD or a knock off of it. It is the cheapest of all 3 but got mixed reviews at 189.00.

Are the two all wood ones the same manufacturer and the same quality?

If the usboxsprings is better? If so, then why is it better?

I would appreciate hearing from anyone with experience with any of these foundations.

Hi jostarr,

The most important part of a foundation is that it provides suitable support for the mattress and “suitable” will vary depending on the mattress and the recommendations of the manufacturer.

For a mattress with a latex base … the gaps between the slats should generally be no more than 3". The number of slats that this will translate into will depend on the size of the slats and whether they are counting the outside frame or whether they are counting only the inner slats.

For a mattress with a polyfoam base layer (Such as the Ultimate Dreams) … then wider gaps will generally be OK because the polyfoam is stiffer than latex.

Many of the KD type foundations made by CPS have about a 4" gap which means they would be fine for a memory foam or polyfom/latex hybrid but I personally wouldn’t use them for a mattress that has a solid latex core.

[quote]What are the pros and cons of the usboxspring metal foundation vs the lower costs of the all wood KD one at all or the VesiFlex on Amazon ?

The VersiFlex on Amazon looks like the same as the KD or a knock off of it. It is the cheapest of all 3 but got mixed reviews at 189.00.[/quote]

See post #4 here for the benefits of the USboxspring. This would be suitable for any mattress including all latex.

The Versiflex box springs have 11 slats and gaps that are about 4". Versiflex was a tradename for Dock1 which is now bankrupt but they are the same as other KD type boxsprings manufactured by CPS Wood Products such as Easyfit. These would be suitable for any foam mattress that didn’t use a latex core (or suitable for a latex core mattress where the manufacturer said that 4" gaps would be fine although I would still prefer 3" or less).

The Nature’s sleep foundations used to have 14 slats (with gaps just over 3") but their new models now have 16 slats (including the two on each end) with gaps just under 3". This would be suitable for any mattress including a latex core.

These are just general guidelines and each mattress manufacturer may have different guidelines or minimum requirements about what they consider to be a suitable foundation for their mattress so I would always check with the manufacturer of your mattress.

I would also check with the manufacturer or seller of a foundation to make sure what the gaps are if there is any doubt because the pictures and descriptions don’t always seem to be accurate. Some use slats on each end and include them in their slat count while some have a frame on all sides and only count the slats inside the frame. The slat width could also be different between different models and if the slats are thinner such as 1x2’s then the foundation will need more of them to have a similar gap width. The key is always the size of the gaps, especially for a latex core mattress.


Thanks for the prompt reply, Phoenix. I probably will go with the usboxsprigs metal foundation as being super strong
and with the most slats. I was hoping to get some comments from other forum users before making the final decision, however.

Anyone ???

I am looking for more reviews on us box spring foundation. Can any of the forum members comment on the foundation? I am in the market for a Eastern king foundation for my latex mattress.
-thanks in advance

Hi sv,

The US Box springs picture and pricing is currently their regular wooden slatted foundation (not the metal one) which has gaps of between the slats of under 3" and a quilted cover.

They will have both listed in the next day or two … just to make sure you know what you are looking at.

Also the metal version described in post #15 here comes in regular twin, queen, and Cal King sizes only (no twin XL or Eastern King).

I don’t own one so I can’t comment about it from personal experience but based on my conversations, the metal frame will probably be the last foundation someone will ever have to buy (it’s very strong).