Help Sourcing or Shipping a Mattress

Hey everyone,

I’ve been lurking for a while during my search for a mattress. Long story short I’m moving from Southern CA to NC and looking for a new mattress. My wife and I rarely agree on a mattress feel but, we both surprisingly loved the PureBliss King Koil mattresses we found. Very thankful i found this site to convince myself we don’t want an airbed.

Anyway, I cannot find a retailer in NC that carries any PureBliss line mattresses and the split-top king has become a sort of dealbreaker after scouring google and the King Koil website.

There’s a few places that carry King Koil that I plan on calling in the morning to see if I can do a special order but, there are some good holiday deals still left I wanted to capitalize on if I could.

Anyone know of any NC dealers with PureBliss or a retailer that ships this line nationwide?

Am I insane for looking into buy the PureBliss this week along with a box and shipping it myself?

I’m open to alternatives. There is a Saatva in Charlotte and their split top latex isn’t insanely more expensive than what I’d pay for the King Koil out here (not factoring potentially shipping a king size mattress cross country). I saw another local place I plan on talking to tomorrow but, doesn’t look like they offer any flextop options, at least not in latex.

Any other suggestions or referrals would be ideal. Dealbreakers are latex and split top eastern king. Budget, preferably no more than 4k give or take.

Thanks in advance!

Look at King Koil website for a dealer. Pure Bliss is the latex collection.

Or buy in Southern California from Sit N Sleep or Mathis Home and ship to NC.

Wallaroos Furniture out of Utah will ship King Koil Pure Bliss nationwide.

Id probably want to lay on mattress first before shipping to NC!!!


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Yeah we went to Sit N Sleep yesterday and tried it out to confirm we liked it.

The King Koil website is one of the first places I checked and how I found Sit N Sleep carried the PureBliss line. Unfortunately, it only searches in a 50 mi radius and none of the retailers that were listed for each zip of a relatively close city in NC carry PureBliss. Seems like if someone out that way has any King Koil, they only have SmartLife models.

I’ll check Wallaroos before looking into shipping one via freight, that one didn’t come up during my search, thanks!

Did you like the King Koil Pure Bliss Brook (Firm) or Genesis (plush) better?

Also, I think the KK Pure Bliss mattresses are very similar to the Flobed VZone. Added benefit of VZone is that it is adjustable. Search this forum for “Damien Shoulder” to see a thread started by Damien.


Keep searching other zipcodes til you get to a bigger city like NYC, Chicago or Atlanta?